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Making Bank in the Age of Trump: DC Reporters

BuzzFeed reports on political journalists scooping up lucrative side gigs on TV, making speeches

(Newser) - Political reporters covering all things Trump seem to break big news around the clock—and, apparently, are bringing in big bucks doing side jobs for TV news networks. BuzzFeed reports on these lucrative moonlighting gigs, with reporters such as the New York Times' Maggie Haberman, David Fahrenthold of the Washington ... More »

2 Reuters Reporters Charged With Violating 'Secrets Act'

They face 14 years in prison in Myanmar

(Newser) - Prosecutors in Myanmar charged two journalists from the Reuters news agency Wednesday with violating the Official Secrets Act, signaling the case will go forward despite international condemnation. Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo were arrested Dec. 12 after police accused them of violating the colonial-era law by acquiring "important... More »

PM Has Fondled Ears, Flung Fruit. Now, His Latest Stunt

Prayuth Chan-ocha said, 'Ask this guy,' then left cardboard cutout of himself to face reporters

(Newser) - Thailand's prime minister evaded journalists' questions on Monday by bringing out a life-size cardboard cutout of himself and telling the reporters to quiz it instead of him. Prayuth Chan-ocha then turned on his heel and walked off, reports the AP , leaving the mock-up behind to bemused looks and awkward... More »

Reporter's Disappearance May Be Tied to Meds

Cops say 29-year-old Courtney Roland, who was found safe, is still 'pretty confused'

(Newser) - A Texas reporter found safe after being reported missing over the weekend may have had a bad reaction to medications she was taking, the Houston PD now says. Per People , a police spokesman told a presser Monday that Courtney Roland may still be suffering the effects of the medication and... More »

Cops: Mom Nursed Baby 12 Hours After Using Cocaine

'These are excellent parents,' says lawyer of ex-reporters whose daughter tested positive

(Newser) - An Arizona couple has gone from reporting the news to becoming the news after their 4-month-old baby tested positive for cocaine. Oro Valley police say former Tucson TV reporters Krystin and Somchai Lisaius took their baby to a hospital on May 15 as she was "unable to wake up"... More »

Mass-Media Prof Asks for 'Muscle' to Remove Journo

Mizzou activists mob photographer, cameraman, tell them to leave 'safe space'

(Newser) - A University of Missouri photojournalist on freelance assignment for ESPN found himself in a confrontation with student activists Monday as they tried to ban him from the tent city they'd set up on campus in response to recent racial strife there, the New York Times reports. A tense video... More »

Clinton's Press Corps Is Unlike Any Other

It's mostly female, notes a Politico feature

(Newser) - You've likely heard about the "boys on the bus," subject of an iconic book about covering the 1972 presidential election. Flash forward to 2016, and it's time to meet a group Politico dubs the "women in the van." That would be the 18 female... More »

US Reporters Covering Will, Kate Must Dress Up

Buckingham Palace issues guidelines

(Newser) - Buckingham Palace has a strong suggestion for reporters who will be covering Prince William and wife Kate's visit to America next month: Don't dress like slobs. Or in the more formal language of the palace: "Smart attire for men includes the wearing of a jacket and tie,... More »

Reporter on Mugging Story Has Purse Stolen

TV news van was parked in front of Oakland police headquarters

(Newser) - The crime beat is getting a little too real for TV reporters in Oakland. Last night, KTVU reporter Heather Holmes was doing a live report about a mugging that occurred earlier in the day when someone broke into the station's news van and stole her purse, reports KCBS . The... More »

Why War Reporters Get It So Wrong

Patrick Cockburn: It's a hard job when propaganda and bullets are flying

(Newser) - Journalists have given us the wrong impression about four Middle East wars since 9/11—but how did they blow it so badly? In the London Review of Books , Patrick Cockburn looks at how the media fumbled the ball in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. In each case, he argues, reporters... More »

How Not to Tweet About a Tragedy

Jeremy Stahl offers the media some advice on Slate

(Newser) - In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing, Twitter was flooded with breaking news—some of which turned out to be erroneous—as well as some journalists using that news to score political points. Journalism has been called "the first rough draft of history," and Twitter has become... More »

Media: Romney Charged Us $1K a Day for Travel

News outlets fight 'exorbitant' trail bills

(Newser) - Major news organizations are fighting what they say are exorbitant prices charged by Mitt Romney's campaign for reporters' travel expenses including food and transportation. Outlets including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today have told the campaign they will be contesting charges that topped $1,000... More »

Last 2 Print Reporters Abandon Gingrich

But candidate still vows he'll soldier on to convention

(Newser) - It's a good thing Newt Gingrich didn't like that pesky old mainstream media anyway, because the print media has pulled its last embedded reporters from Gingrich's flailing campaign, reports Politico , which employed one of the last two reporters dedicated to covering the candidate. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution was... More »

London Cops Nab 4 Journos in Bribery Case

All linked to News of the World phone hacking scandal

(Newser) - London police today arrested four current and former Sun journalists for allegedly paying off police, the Guardian reports. All had worked under Rebekah Brooks when she edited the Sun—whose Sunday sister paper News of the World closed last year amid a phone hacking scandal. The arrests may cast fresh... More »

US Drops in Press Freedom Over Occupy Arrests

Nation falls 27 places to 47th in world rankings

(Newser) - Police reaction to the various Occupy protests around the nation have tarnished the US reputation for press freedom in the eyes of Reporters Without Borders. In the group's new world rankings, the US falls 27 spots to 47th, owing to the "many arrests of journalists covering Occupy Wall... More »

BBC Convoy Attacked by Pro-Gadhafi Forces

Incident shows Tripoli far from stable, reporter says

(Newser) - Despite the advances made by Libyan rebels yesterday, Tripoli continues to see heavy fighting—and a BBC convoy recently found itself in the middle of the violence. Reporter Rupert Wingfield-Hayes was accompanying rebels into the city center when, he says, “we came under ambush … pro-Gadhafi forces drove out... More »

Stewart Swipes at Fox vs. CNN War

When reporters, named Nic Robertson and Steve Harrigan, attack

(Newser) - Jon Stewart razzed reporters in a segment last night , kicking things off by poking at Nancy Grace, whose arguments about the radiation threat the US faces from Japan unraveled into an argument about how "there is no such thing as magic." But she is not the media story... More »

Washington Post Suspends Plagiarizing Reporter

Sari Horwitz 'lifted sections' of Arizona Republic stories on Jared Lee Loughner

(Newser) - A long-time investigative reporter at the Washington Post has been suspended for lifting "substantial" portions of articles from an Arizona newspaper for her stories on accused Tucson shooter Jared Lee Loughner. Pultizer Prize-winner Sari Horwitz was suspended for three months for plagiarizing sections of stories from the Arizona Republic,... More »

Lara Logan Beaten With Flagpoles, Fists

Recovering reporter was stripped in mob of 200 men

(Newser) - Harsh new details of Lara Logan's attack in Cairo: The CBS reporter was stripped and battered with fists and makeshift flagpoles, reports the Times of London, via the Daily Mail . She was pinched so hard by her attackers that the red marks that covered her body were initially thought to... More »

Miners Already Breaking 'Blood Pact'

Many willing to talk to media—for a price

(Newser) - While they were trapped, the Chilean miners signed a "blood pact" stating that they’d keep the details of their experience to themselves. But information has spilled as many consent to interviews—though rarely for free, the New York Times reports. “We’re poor—look at the place... More »

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