Boeing 737

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'I Thought We Were Goners'

Passenger describe terror on Flight 1380

(Newser) - Passengers say they went through 22 minutes of terror after an engine blew on a Southwest Airlines 737-700 Tuesday, forcing it to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia. Some say they prayed and tried to comfort those around them as the oxygen masks fell amid a steep descent. Other say... More »

Jet Blast Kills Tourist on Beach

NZ woman failed to heed warning signs

(Newser) - A tourist from New Zealand was killed by a jet blast Wednesday at a Caribbean beach famous for being under low-flying aircraft. According to 721News , the 57-year-old woman was holding on to the fence separating St. Maarten's Maho Beach from Princess Juliana International Airport when the blast from a... More »

Thanks to Nuke Deal, Iran Makes a Big US Buy

Tehran goes shopping, inks $16.6B deal with Boeing to upgrade crippled commercial fleet

(Newser) - Iran said Sunday it has finalized a $16.8 billion deal with Boeing to purchase 80 passenger planes, reports the AP , a deal made possible by last year's landmark nuclear deal. The state-run IRNA news agency said 50 Boeing 737s and 30 Boeing 777s would be delivered over the... More »

8 Hurt After Plane Rolls Off Nashville Runway

Boeing 737 ended up in grass after landing

(Newser) - Officials say a plane has rolled off a runway at Nashville International Airport, injuring eight people. A Southwest Airlines spokeswoman said in an email Tuesday night that Flight 31 from Houston Hobby Airport to Nashville went off the taxiway around 5:20pm as it approached the arrival gate. She said... More »

Boeing Fuselages Get Stuck in Montana River

Derailment tosses fuselages in water

(Newser) - Rafters on Montana's Lower Clark Fork River are encountering an unusual sight as they round a bend: The fuselages of three Boeing 737 aircraft. The huge aircraft bodies and the train cars carrying them got stuck in the river last week when 19 freight cars derailed, the Missoulian reports.... More »

Newark Planes Came Within 'Hair's Breadth' of Collision

One was taking off as the other was landing

(Newser) - Last month, two planes came within yards of a collision at Newark Liberty International Airport, the NTSB has revealed. United Express Flight 4100 was cleared for takeoff on April 24—but as the Embraer ERJ-145 was taking off, a Boeing 737 was landing on an intersecting runway, CNN reports. The... More »

Russian Plane Plunged Vertically Into Ground

Investigators still not sure what caused crash

(Newser) - Investigators still aren't sure what caused a Russian plane to crash last night , killing everyone on board, but an official says video shows that the Tatarstan Airlines plane "was vertical, practically vertical" as it plunged into the runway. The pilot had tried to land the Boeing 737 several... More »

Russia 737 Crash Kills All 50 Aboard

Tatarstan Airlines plane crashes in Kazan

(Newser) - Russian news reports say a passenger airliner has crashed while landing in the city of Kazan and all 44 passengers and six crew members aboard are believed to have been killed. The reports said the Boeing 737 belonging to Tatarstan Airlines crashed about 7:20pm local time today. There were... More »

Oops: Jet Rolls Off Taxiway During Tests

Nobody is injured during Delta mishap in Atlanta

(Newser) - It must have been an awful feeling for the two mechanics on an otherwise empty Delta jet this morning who were running engine checks. The Boeing 737 rolled off the taxiway at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Airport and over an embankment, sustaining "significant damage," reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution . Luckily,... More »

Airbus' Star Jet Grounded After Air Show Flub

Airbus faces series of setbacks at Paris Air Show

(Newser) - The world’s biggest air show begins today, but Airbus won't be showing off the gem of its fleet—the superjumbo A380 has been grounded after it collided with a taxiway building, damaging its wingtip. It’s just one of several Paris Air Show embarrassments for the Boeing rival,... More »

Misaligned Rivets Found on Ruptured Southwest Jet

NTSB finds fatigue cracks along tear in Boeing 737's skin

(Newser) - A federal investigation has revealed possible manufacturing flaws behind the mid-flight fuselage rupture of a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 earlier this month. National Transportation Safety Board probers have discovered that rivet holes on one layer of the 15-year-old aircraft's skin did not line up properly with the layer below,... More »

Southwest's Problem: Its Planes Fly Too Much

Efficient short-haul operations may have contributed to rupture

(Newser) - Southwest Airlines may be a victim of its own efficiency. The airline's much-touted short-haul operations require each plane to fly an average of six times a day, and the stress of all those landings and take-offs may be partially to blame for the cracks found in some of their older... More »

Feds Order Emergency Checks of 80 Planes

Older 737s to be inspected after Southwest crack

(Newser) - The Federal Aviation Administration has ordered emergency inspections of 80 older Boeing 737s similar to the Southwest plane that suddenly cracked open last week during a flight. The order covers aircraft built with a specific process in the '80s and '90s and those that have more than 30,000 flight... More »

NTSB: Southwest Jet Had Fatigue Cracking

Meanwhile, airline grounds 79 planes, cancels hundreds of flights

(Newser) - Fatigue cracking has been found along the entire 5-foot section of a Southwest Airlines jet that ripped open on Friday, forcing an emergency landing in Arizona. The NTSB says that mechanics will cut a 9-foot by 3-foot section of the plane and send it to Washington, DC, for testing. Southwest... More »

Southwest Jet Lands With Hole in Cabin

'Pandemonium' erupts as 6-foot gash opens; no serious injuries

(Newser) - A Southwest Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing at a military base in Arizona after a gaping hole developed in the top of the plane. Passengers say they heard a "real quick blast, like a gun," which was followed by "pandemonium" as the Boeing... More »

Ethiopian Airlines Pilot Flew the Wrong Way

Did 'very fast and strange turn' before crash into Mediterranean

(Newser) - The pilot of an Ethiopian Airlines plane that crashed off the coast of Lebanon flew in the opposite direction from that requested by the Beirut control tower, the AP reports. The flight controller "asked him to correct his path, but he did a very fast and strange turn before... More »

40 Hurt as US Jet Misses Jamaica Runway

American Airlines flight goes down in driving rain

(Newser) - Some 40 passengers were injured early this morning when an American Airlines jet overshot a runway in Jamaica. The Boeing 737 broke into three pieces as it plowed through a fence in driving rain, Reuters reports. Four people were reported to be in serious condition, though none of the injuries... More »

Southwest Probed After Hole Opens Midflight

(Newser) - Southwest Airlines' maintenance practices are coming under tight scrutiny after a football-sized hole opened in the top of a Boeing 737 midflight and forced an emergency landing, reports the Dallas Morning News. Nobody was injured, but the NTSB and FAA have launched probes and lawmakers are being briefed on the... More »

Brakes Suspected in Denver Crash

Jet pulled to the side before collapsing with thud in snowy ravine

(Newser) - Investigators believe a faulty braking system and landing gear may be to blame for a fiery crash in Denver where a Houston-bound jet veered off a runway into a snowy ravine. The weather apparently played no role in the accident, and asymmetrical braking appears a likely cause, sources told the... More »

Engine Failure Cited in Russian Jet Crash

(Newser) - A Russian investigator says today's crash of a passenger jet that killed 88 people was most likely caused by failure of one of the Boeing-737-500's two engines. The plane was on its approach to land amid low cloudcover when it crashed into an unpopulated area of a central Russian city,... More »

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