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New Security Measures Introduced for All US-Bound Passengers

American citizens, airlines aren't exempt

(Newser) - All incoming flights to the United States will be subject to new security screening procedures before takeoff, with both American citizens and foreigners possibly facing security interviews from airline employees, the US government said Wednesday. Both American air carriers and global airlines must comply, affecting all the 2,100 flights... More »

Meet a Man Who Has Traveled, Well, Everywhere

Don Parrish has been to almost every region of almost every country

(Newser) - Don Parrish knows his limits. Since the 70-year-old from Downers Grove, Ill., began traveling in the 1960s, he's been to many geographic subregions of all 193 countries currently recognized by the United Nations and is about to tick off all 321 territories listed by the Travelers' Century Club. (The... More »

Man Wraps 23-Year Voyage Around World

Mike Spencer Bown hit every nation on the planet

(Newser) - A 44-year-old deemed the world’s most-traveled man says he’s ready to return home to Calgary after visiting every country in the span of 23 years. The journey started back in 1990, when then-21-year-old Mike Spencer Bown decided he wanted to visit every single country in the world. He... More »

Rangel: I'm Not Guilty, Just Been 'Admonished'

Rep. denies ethics panel finds he broke travel rules

(Newser) - Though House ethics committee sources say Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel knowingly accepted Caribbean trips in violation of House rules that forbid hidden financing by corporations, the New York congressman tells Politico tonight he’s merely being “admonished” by the committee. I’m satisfied that when you... More »

Best New Travel Websites

Get advice from locals, exchange currency, and more

(Newser) - The summer is winding down, but there’s still time for a last-minute vacation. The Times of London lists 10 new websites to check out:
  • Tripbod: Answer questions about your interests and hobbies, and a local expert will plan an itinerary for you.
  • Vimeo: The travel group on this video
... More »

World's Most Luxe Pools

From ten stories up to inside a crater, these pools are sure to excite

(Newser) - On the lookout for a unique summer vacation experience? Woman’s Day recommends eight stunning pools in some of the world’s most beautiful locations:
  • The hanging pool atop the Joule hotel in Dallas projects 8 feet over the edge of the building.
  • The Homestead Crater at Homestead Resort in
... More »

Gourmet Writer a Threat to Beijing?

Baffled food journalist denied Olympic visa

(Newser) - She's not a Tibetan activist, a human-rights watchdog, or a political correspondent. So why couldn't Karen Coates, a food writer for Gourmet, get a visa to cover the Beijing Olympics? She recounts the mind-numbing bureaucratic hoops she jumped through to submit her application, which seems to have vanished into a... More »

Foreign Airlines Soar Past US Carriers

Adding services, expanding routes helps margins; take heed, US carriers

(Newser) - As US airlines flounder, and consumers pay the price in baggage fees and reduced services, foreign carriers have an antidote: Buy new, more fuel-efficient aircraft, offer more services, and watch the money roll in. Dubai-based Emirates, which introduced the Airbus A380 on the Dubai-to-New York route Friday, charges first- and... More »

8 Stories