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GOP Looks to Gut Environment Rules

39 environmental rollbacks added to appropriations bill

(Newser) - Paul Simon knew 50 ways to leave your lover, but House Republicans are apparently working on 39 ways to ditch environmental protection, reports the New York Times . With the nation's energies focused on the looming debt ceiling, the GOP is loading up an appropriations bill with environmental deregulation—such... More »

Panel: Don't Screen Older Men for Prostate Cancer

Treatment may be more harmful than helpful after the age of 74

(Newser) - Physicians should stop screening men 75 and older for prostate cancer, according to new guidelines issued by national health task force. Prostate cancer is "overdiagnosed" in up to 44% of cases—that is, the cancer is present but so slow growing that it would probably never produce symptoms in... More »

2 Stories