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I'm Sorry I Wrote the Anarchist Cookbook

William Powell now believes his famous book's premise is 'profoundly flawed'

(Newser) - When news broke that school shooter Karl Pierson had a copy of The Anarchist Cookbook, author William Powell called for the book to be "quickly and quietly taken out of print." Now, in an op-ed for the Guardian , Powell elaborates on that change of heart. When he wrote... More »

Anarchist Cookbook Author: Take It Out of Print

William Powell repeats his plea but has no say in the matter

(Newser) - Reports that the Colorado teenager who opened fire in his school last week read The Anarchist Cookbook before doing so has prompted the author of that 1971 book to issue his most forceful plea yet to remove it from print, reports NBC News . “The Anarchist Cookbook should go quietly... More »

Cops Bust 'Anarchists' Before GOP Convention

Free-speech advocates blast action ahead of RNC

(Newser) - Minnesota county cops raided protest organization sites to stop what authorities called an "anarchist plot" to disrupt the Republican National Convention. The police action triggered an angry response from activists and free speech advocates. Supplied with information from police infiltrators, cops battered down doors and busted five activists in... More »

Las Vegas Ricin Man Pleads Guilty

Loner fantasized about harming people

(Newser) - A man who almost died from exposure to his own ricin, one of the deadliest toxins known, has pleaded guilty to possession of the poison, reports the Los Angeles Times. The unemployed graphic designer, 57, was found suffering from poisoning in February, and investigators discovered he had been making the... More »

4 Stories