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Bachelors, It's Time to Toss Your Gross Old Pillows

Seriously, no one wants to sleep on those: Serena Golden

(Newser) - If you've braved the world of dating, there's one undeniable fact of which you are likely aware: Single men have terrible pillows. The guy you're dating might have one good pillow (which he insists on using himself) or he might have nothing but bad pillows. Either way,... More »

Get Zzz's Anywhere With This Inflatable Hoodie

Seriously, you can doze off just about anywhere with this Kickstarter product

(Newser) - Coming up with an invention that will appeal to the masses is the goal of every creator worth his or her salt, and the folks behind the Hypnos Hoodie think they've done just that. "This is a product that a lot of people need in their daily lives,... More »

West Point Bans Pillow Fights After Bloody Brawl

30 people were injured in unsanctioned event

(Newser) - West Point's annual pillow fights—during which hundreds of first-year cadets or "plebes" bludgeon each other—will be no more. The academy's superintendent, Lt. Gen. Robert L. Caslen Jr., has banned the unsanctioned events after 30 people were injured in this year's pillow fight on Aug.... More »

5 People Married to Inanimate Objects

The Berlin wall's 'wife' calls it 'completely normal'

(Newser) - Think Lee Jin-gyu, who recently married his pillow , was the first to say “I do” to an inanimate object? Think again. The Frisky reveals the stories of four more:
  • Erika La Tour Eiffel: As you might be able to guess from her new last name, this former US Air
... More »

Blanket and Pillow? That'll Be $7 on US Airways

Airline to charge for blankets & pillows

(Newser) - A warm snooze on a US Airways flight will cost passengers an extra $7, reports AP. US Airways will begin charging for a "Power-Nap Sack"—a blanket, pillow and other nap extras—later this month. Jet Blue announced a similar policy last summer as airlines began charging for... More »

JetBlue Adds $7 Fee for Pillow and Blanket

Latest extra charge to hit travelers

(Newser) - JetBlue has begun charging passengers $7 for pillows and blankets, Newsday reports. Flyers can keep the items, but there's no guarantee they will be available. It's the latest in a litany of extra charges facing passengers as carriers deal with soaring fuel costs. "This nickel-and-dime stuff doesn't work,"... More »

6 Stories