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Flier's Rage Over Blanket Fee Gets His Flight Diverted

Hawaiian Airlines flight makes unscheduled landing at LAX

(Newser) - An outraged passenger caused a plane to be diverted—all over a $12 blanket fee. The brouhaha began shortly after the Honolulu-bound Hawaiian Airlines flight left Las Vegas on Wednesday morning, KHON reports. The 66-year-old man complained of being cold, asked for a blanket, learned the price, and demanded to... More »

A Court Just Ruled on What a Snuggie Actually Is

It's a blanket, not a robe—at least for tariff purposes

(Newser) - A more important question than "Is a hot dog a sandwich?" has been answered by a federal trade court: Is a Snuggie a blanket? Per Bloomberg BNA , the answer is yes, meaning that, at least for tariff purposes, the cozy, fleecy coverings aren't considered to be "robes... More »

55% of Infants Sleep in Dangerous Way

They're put to bed with pillows, quilts, comforters, loose bedding, study finds

(Newser) - Cold temps may be upon us, but a new study published in Pediatrics has a message for the parents of the 55% of infants who are put to bed with a blanket, quilt, comforter, or pillow: Don't do it. The federal study is the first to attempt to quantify... More »

Brace Yourselves: Electric Snuggie Has Arrived

Blanket with sleeves now has full-body heating

(Newser) - If you've somehow managed to hold off on buying a Snuggie—maybe the promise of warmth or an elaborate Snuggie sex manual didn't sway you—then perhaps the latest, electric-heated version will be the one for you. The Coz-E is a Snuggie-style blanket with sleeves, except that it's an electric... More »

American Airlines Will Charge $8 for a Blanket

Passengers must pony up to bundle up on long domestic flights

(Newser) - Bundle up, air travelers: Blankets cost extra now, too. American Airlines will begin charging coach passengers $8 for a blanket on long domestic flights and some international routes. On flights of 2 hours or less, no blankets will be available, no matter how much money you throw around. On the... More »

Fido Blankets Fur-Ever

(Newser) - Pet lovers can always keep their hounds close with blankets spun from Fido's shed fur, a quirky new product developed by a North Carolina entrepreneur, reports the Los Angeles Times. One golden retriever owner stashed her pet's sheddings for 11 years and now has a nice afghan to show for... More »

It's Snuggie Time, America

How one reporter went from skeptic to snuggler

(Newser) - The "Snuggie phenomenon" has blossomed into romance for one New Yorker who ordered a few and fell hard. "Like all relationships, it's hard to chart how this one started," writes Kurt Soller in Newsweek. He ordered two Snuggies and four Slankets—both blankets with sleeves—and... More »

But Wait, There's More! Snuggie's Not the Original

Ads set it apart, but it wasn't the first sleeved blanket

(Newser) - Casual observers—meaning late-night TV watchers—probably think the sleeved-blanket craze started with the Snuggie. Easy mistake: The ads showing cultish, cozy Snuggie converts are everywhere, and 4 million have been sold since October, the New York Times reports. But the creator of the Slanket wants to set the record... More »

Blanket and Pillow? That'll Be $7 on US Airways

Airline to charge for blankets & pillows

(Newser) - A warm snooze on a US Airways flight will cost passengers an extra $7, reports AP. US Airways will begin charging for a "Power-Nap Sack"—a blanket, pillow and other nap extras—later this month. Jet Blue announced a similar policy last summer as airlines began charging for... More »

Slankets and Snuggies: The Mockable Sells

The pitch ripe for irony, sells more than a blanket

(Newser) - Parodied by YouTube videos and mocked by Jay Leno, the blanket with arms known as the Slanket—or its knockoff the Snuggie—is getting a lot of attention for a useless invention, writes Dara Lind for Culture11. As Leno points out, “It’s like wearing a bathrobe backwards,"... More »

JetBlue Adds $7 Fee for Pillow and Blanket

Latest extra charge to hit travelers

(Newser) - JetBlue has begun charging passengers $7 for pillows and blankets, Newsday reports. Flyers can keep the items, but there's no guarantee they will be available. It's the latest in a litany of extra charges facing passengers as carriers deal with soaring fuel costs. "This nickel-and-dime stuff doesn't work,"... More »

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