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Spirit Introduces $100 Carry-On Fee

But you can avoid it by declaring baggage before the gate

(Newser) - If you're the type who's always rushing to your gate with seconds to spare, then you might want to avoid flying with Spirit. The airline has hiked its fee for large carry-on items to $100, reports USA Today , but the price gouge can be avoided by declaring your... More »

Delta Backs Down On Soldiers' Baggage Fees

Policy changed after returning troops stung with excess charges

(Newser) - Delta, facing a firestorm of bad publicity after hitting soldiers returning from Afghanistan with excess baggage charges , is changing its policy on military baggage. Military personnel traveling on orders will now be able to check four bags free of charge, according to the airline's blog . A YouTube video of... More »

Delta Stings Returning Soldiers for Baggage Fees

Troops returning from Afghanistan told to pay up

(Newser) - A unit of soldiers on their way home had to shell out nearly $3000 of their own money in excess baggage fees to Delta Airlines. The troops, whose orders stated that they could check in up to four bags free of charge, had to pay $200 for every fourth bag... More »

United Forces 'Seatmates of Size' to Buy Extra Ticket

(Newser) - United Airlines is coming down hard on its chubbier passengers with a new rule requiring those who can’t fit into one seat to buy another ticket, MSNBC reports. “Seatmates of size” are defined as the unlucky passengers who can’t buckle their seatbelts—even with an extension—or... More »

JetBlue Adds $7 Fee for Pillow and Blanket

Latest extra charge to hit travelers

(Newser) - JetBlue has begun charging passengers $7 for pillows and blankets, Newsday reports. Flyers can keep the items, but there's no guarantee they will be available. It's the latest in a litany of extra charges facing passengers as carriers deal with soaring fuel costs. "This nickel-and-dime stuff doesn't work,"... More »

5 Stories