Queen Rania

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10 Most Popular Leaders, According to Facebook

President Obama is the easy winner, but Queen Rania is in the top 10

(Newser) - Well, it's one way to measure world leaders: The PR firm Burson-Marsteller has taken a look at the Facebook pages of global bigwigs and provided a ranking based on their number of likes. Personal pages are counted separately from institutional pages, which is why President Obama's page and... More »

Portman Wants to Talk About Microloans, Not Movies

Teams with Jordan's queen to help women

(Newser) - Among Hollywood actresses, Natalie Portman may be an anomaly. “As opposed to talking about fashion,” the 27-year-old says she prefers discussing poverty alleviation. The Israeli-American discovered FINCA International, a microfinance program for women, through her inspiration, Jordan’s Queen Rania, a Palestinian and an “incredible woman whom... More »

Jordan's Queen Uses YouTube to Bash Clichés

Rania's youth-focused campaign focuses on Arab stereotypes

(Newser) - Jordan’s Queen Rania is taking on Arab stereotypes through a venue not particularly known for engendering serious discourse: YouTube. The Christian Science Monitor follows her successes and frustrations as she self-publishes videos, hoping the experiment can teach Arabs and Westerners more about each other. Rania began the series by... More »

3 Stories