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Iowa Man Says He Won't Have to Pay for Child That Isn't His

But Joe Vandusen isn't done fighting Iowa's sticky child-support law

(Newser) - Public support and a crowdfunding effort have apparently helped an Iowa man emerge victorious in a child support case that he initially pegged as a "joke." Per WQAD , Joe Vandusen found out last week he'd won his appeal with the state's Department of Human Resources in... More »

Florida Man Seeks $170M From His 'Dad,' William Shatner

He's suing for a DNA test

(Newser) - A man who has been claiming to be the illegitimate son of William Shatner for three decades now says it's time for dear-old dad to pay up. The Tampa Tribune reports 59-year-old Florida resident Peter Sloan recently filed a lawsuit to force Shatner to stop denying his paternity, take... More »

Man Raped at 14 Has to Pay Child Support

He found out only recently that he fathered a child 10 years ago

(Newser) - Nick Olivas got the shock of his life two years ago when he was hit with a child support demand from the state of Arizona—for a child he fathered when he was 14 years old. In that state, a child under the age of 15 can't consent to... More »

Yes, Prince William Does Need Paid Paternity Leave

Judith Warner thinks the new dad is making a brilliant symbolic statement

(Newser) - Taxpayers are about to pay Prince William $206 a week for paternity leave—and Judith Warner at Bloomberg thinks that's, as the British might say, bloody brilliant. Oh sure, in practical terms, it's a crazy handout to an idle rich person. But "in William's subtle, necessarily... More »

Florida Judge OKs 3-Parent Birth Certificate

After lengthy paternity case

(Newser) - These days, it isn't that weird for a baby to have two mothers—but how about two mothers and a father? One 23-month-old girl now legally has just such a family, after a Miami-Dade judge approved a settlement in which her biological mother, her mother's wife (the two... More »

Man to LeBron: I'm Your Daddy, Now Pay Up

Lawsuit claims James and his mom tampered with paternity tests

(Newser) - LeBron James is being sued by a man who claims to be his biological father. Leicester Bryce Stovell, a Princeton grad and lawyer, is suing the basketball phenom and his mother for fraud, defamation, and misrepresentation, alleging they tampered with the results of a paternity test in 2007. He... More »

How Edwards' Aide Morphed From Devotee to Sellout

Tell-all author was disturbingly attached to senator, to his wife's dismay

(Newser) - Andrew Young was right there every time John Edwards needed a Diet Coke, dry cleaning, a ride from the airport, and finally a babydaddy for his mistress. The "personal servant" who turned tell-all author—other aides even called him Edward’s “butt boy”—showed a fierce devotion... More »

Jacko Sources: Pal Not Paris' Dad

Plus, Michael finally buried, and more

(Newser) - Mark Lester’s words were “twisted around,” his friends tell People, and though he did donate sperm to Michael Jackson, “he’s not claiming to be the father of Paris Jackson.” Or at least not this morning. All such stories circulating the tabloids are “just... More »

Jacko Pal Claims Paris Is His Daughter

Michael 'found the sexual act something he couldn't do'

(Newser) - Fearing that Katherine Jackson will sever his bond with Michael Jackson’s children, a confidante of the fallen pop star says Paris is likely his biological daughter, News of the World reports. Mark Lester, who starred as a child in the Oscar-winning film Oliver!, says that until 2 weeks ago,... More »

Third Woman: Paraguay Prez Fathered My Kid

Paternity scandal grows, but so far no political fallout

(Newser) - The paternity scandal surrounding Paraguay’s president, a former bishop, has reached new heights: A third woman says he fathered her child, McClatchy reports. Fernando Lugo recently acknowledged paternity of a 2-year-old; soon after, another woman said he was her 6-year-old’s dad. She filed an official paternity claim yesterday,... More »

Who's Your Daddy? DNA Tests May Shock You

DNA tests can lead to unpleasant discoveries

(Newser) - A simple DNA test is enough to rend a family apart, the Los Angeles Times reports. As more people take genetic tests to uncover medical data or trace family roots, more are discovering that their biological father is someone else. It's an old issue in medicine—blood types, after all,... More »

'Billie Jean' Sues Jacko for $1B

(Newser) - Billie Jean is still calling Michael Jackson "the one," Access Hollywood reports. A woman who says she is Billie Jean Jackson—and refers to Jackson as "her husband"—is suing him for $1 billion in Los Angeles, seeking joint custody of his 6-year-old boy, Blanket. She... More »

Dems: 'Say it Ain't So, John'

Convention role in Jeopardy unless Edwards settles mess

(Newser) - John Edwards is under increasing pressure from senior Democrats to address published reports he has been having an affair with a former campaign worker and is the father of her child. Edwards' status in the party and his role in the upcoming national convention are at stake, reports the Charlotte ... More »

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