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Probe Into Sudsy Celebration Is IOC at Its Sexist Worst

Canadian women, even underage hero, well within rights

(Newser) - The huffing castigation of the Canadian women’s hockey team for last night’s sudsy celebration of its Vancouver gold medal shows the International Olympic Committee at its paternalistic, sexist worst, says Rachel Bachman, whose initial reaction to the on-ice Molsons was to turn to a colleague and say, “... More »

'Coercive Paternalism' Is Bad Parenting

Laws designed to force public to choose healthy options is 'Orwellian'

(Newser) - Under the banner of what’s good for you, an insidious new trend is growing. “Coercive paternalism,” Steve Chapman writes in Reason, is the wrong-minded older sibling of the much-in-vogue “libertarian paternalism” responsible for dietary information in chain restaurants. “Libertarian paternalists … limit themselves to promoting... More »

2 Stories