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Hearst's 'Dark' Plot Against Orson Welles, Citizen Kane

Upcoming book says media mogul tried everything he could to discredit director

(Newser) - Orson Welles may not have thought William Randolph Hearst himself was out to directly sabotage Citizen Kane, the movie partly based on the tycoon's life, but documents never before published appear to show what the Guardian labels a seedy scheme against Welles and RKO pictures, including "extortion, media... More »

Owner of Citizen Kane Castle Shot in Head

Long Island developer Gary Melius expected to recover

(Newser) - Long Island police have a high-profile shooting on their hands: Gary Melius, a well-connected developer, was shot in the head as he got into his Mercedes near the castle he calls home, reports the New York Post . Yes, castle. In fact, if you've seen Citizen Kane, you've seen... More »

18 Huge Oscar Upsets

Get ready—it could happen again tonight

(Newser) - Quite a few people will be shocked if Argo doesn't win Best Picture at the Oscars tonight—but history has shown that it could happen. Celebuzz rounds up the 18 biggest Academy Awards upsets:
  • When Adrien Brody won Best Actor for The Pianist, he beat out four previous Oscar
... More »

Greatest Movie Ever Is ...

'Vertigo' unseats 'Citizen Kane' for first time in BFI survey

(Newser) - Citizen Kane has to take a rare step back: Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo has claimed its long-held title as "greatest film of all time" in a well-regarded survey, according to the Hollywood Reporter . Sight & Sound, the magazine published by the British Film Institute, says the 1958 movie with... More »

Want an Oscar? Try Buying One

15 up for auction next week, and the academy is not happy

(Newser) - Face it, Taylor Lautner: This is your only chance. Fifteen Oscar statuettes will be auctioned Tuesday in the largest such sale ever, says the Los Angeles Times , and bids during the online and telephone event are expected to reach up to $4 million. All of the awards currently belong to... More »

World's Priciest Fake Homes

Forbes list features fake mansions from movies, books, and video games

(Newser) - Forbes has put together its first list of the world’s most-expensive fictional homes. Including literature, video games, and Monopoly, the editors had a few ground rules—no castles, and take it easy on the country estates.
  • Xanadu, $135 million: A perfect mountaintop retreat for Citizen Kane, “a tragically
... More »

Hearst Group to Auction Night at Xanadu

Organizers hope to raise $100K to restore Hearst art collection

(Newser) - Wanna-be Citizen Kanes have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a night at Hearst Castle—if they can pony up enough cash. A single night for two at William Randolph Heart's ultra-luxe California digs is going up for auction this month on eBay to raise funds to restore the legendary publisher's... More »

Top 10 Oscars That Weren't

Film classics and actors the Academy overlooked

(Newser) - In the Academy Awards' 80-year history, many classic films, performers, and directors have been robbed of their statues. CNN's Screening Room names the 10 most crushing Oscars that weren't, many of which lost out to—gulp—musicals:
  • 1941: Seminal Citizen Kane loses to sappy How Green Was My Valley
  • 1956:
... More »

Rosebud Wins...Again

Citizen Kane Takes #1 on AFI Best Films of All Time; Bull Rages to #4.

(Newser) -
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AFI Updates Top Films, Doesn't Forget Rosebud

'Kane' still reigns in new rankings; 'Bull' leaps; 'Ryan' joins fray

(Newser) - Citizen Kane has stood the test of time—and then 10 more years. The American Film Institute refreshed its list of the 100 greatest American films, and Orson Welles' portrait of power and privacy remains on top. Rounding out the top 5 are The Godfather, Casablanca, Raging Bull (which surged... More »

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