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Michael Caine Is No Longer Maurice Micklewhite

Thanks, in part, to ISIS

(Newser) - More than six decades after he adopted the stage name Michael Caine, Maurice Micklewhite has made it official, the Guardian reports. The 83-year-old actor (and former Micklewhite) tells the Sun that it was ISIS and the resulting heightened airport security that prompted him to finally make his showbiz name his... More »

Best Actress Nominee: Oscars Controversy Is 'Racist to Whites'

Charlotte Rampling, Michael Caine weigh in

(Newser) - Two English actors are making headlines—not in a particularly good way—after weighing in on the #OscarsSoWhite controversy:
  • Charlotte Rampling, a best actress nominee this year for her role in 45 Years, spoke to a French radio station Friday and said the whole thing is "racist to whites,
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7 Celebs Who Changed Their Names

Demetria Guynes? Who's that?

(Newser) - Sometimes you're born with a name that seems destined for bright lights ... and sometimes you're just not. ETOnline rounds up celebrities who changed their birth names:
  • Joaquin Phoenix: Born Joaquin Rafael Bottom, his parents changed the family's last name after leaving the "Children of God" religion
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Crew Locks Michael Caine in Attic Overnight

He was napping as set closed down for the day

(Newser) - Maybe he should have blown the bloody doors off? Michael Caine spent an uncomfortable night locked in the attic of an empty theater in New Orleans during the filming of heist movie Now You See Me, a production source tells the Mirror . The 79-year-old actor went to a makeshift dressing... More »

Dark Knight Curse Claims More Victims

Be afraid, be very afraid, Radar warns

(Newser) - First a technician died on the set of the Dark Knight, then Heath Ledger overdosed. Christian Bale allegedly assaulted his mother recently, and now Morgan Freeman is recovering from a nasty car accident and undergoing a divorce. Folks have started muttering about a Dark Knight curse, and Radar insists the... More »

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