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Real People Who Inspired Movie Crazies

Christian Bale looked to Cruise to inspire 'American Psycho'

(Newser) - Some things are too good to be true, but that's not the case for these fictional movie characters: BuzzFeed has a list of 10 popular movie icons that you'd never believe were inspired by actual people. A sample:
  • Big Lebowski's The Dude: Producer and political activist Jeff
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Magic Missing in Shrek Forever After

The movie's not bad, just phoned in

(Newser) - Shrek Forever After, the supposed last film in the green ogre franchise, isn't terrible, critics unanimously agree. But neither is it remotely necessary. Here's what they're saying:
  • “There's a soft, middle-aged complacency to the well-oiled mechanics of Shrek Forever After,” writes Lisa Schwarzbaum of EW . “What was
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Shrek 4 Will Open Tribeca Fest

Animated feature controversial choice for high-profile showcase

(Newser) - The Tribeca Film Festival will kick off on April 21 with Shrek Forever After as its opening-night film. The fourth and final installment in the Shrek series is only the second 3D animated feature to open a major film festival, after Up at Cannes last year. "We have always... More »

25 Can't-Miss Spring Movies

Alice in Wonderland, Iron Man 2, Shrek, and more

(Newser) - From the ones you’ve heard about endlessly (Alice in Wonderland, Wall Street 2, The Runaways) to those that might come as a surprise (they made another Shrek?) the Daily Beast rounds up the 25 hottest spring movies. Here are some more of the less obvious ones:
  • A Prophet (Un
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Box Office Records Are Bunk

Measuring a film's success in dollars is misleading

(Newser) - Not a year seems to go by without a film breaking a box-office records: Dark Knight a contender for biggest all-time earner! Bourne Ultimatum the top August opener! But that’s not because the films actually draw more viewers than the previous record-holders; it's because the figures are in dollars,... More »

Highs and Lows of the Tonys

From the three Billys to a lost Dolly Parton

(Newser) - The 2009 Tony awards were not without their laughs—and gaffes. The LA Times outlines the best and worst of Broadway's biggest night.
  • Dolly Parton was a crowd-pleaser during the show's opening number, but later appeared accidentally, and uncomfortably, on the stage when she lost out on the music and
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Stage Shrek Is Lumbering but Lovable

Show lacking in 'inspiration'

(Newser) - Shrek the Musical has its moments, but in the end, it contradicts its own message that substance trumps what’s on the surface, writes Ben Brantley in the New York Times. The “leaden” show presents a “cavalcade of storybook effigies” that “feels like 40 blocks’ worth of... More »

Batman Slices Pineapple to Rule a 4th Weekend

Pineapple Express beat Batman on Friday, slid into No. 2 overall

(Newser) - The Dark Knight is still lording it over the box office, grossing $26 million over the weekend for a fourth consecutive win—and overtaking Shrek 2 to become the third biggest Hollywood blockbuster ever with a cumulative $441.5 million. Judd Apatow's new comedy Pineapple Express beat The Dark Knight... More »

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