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More Bad News for Alex Jones

This time, his Infowars app is removed from the App Store

(Newser) - Silicon Valley thwacked Alex Jones again when Apple permanently yanked his Infowars app from the App Store on Friday, the Verge reports. Apple had no comment but pointed Buzzfeed to its app guidelines, which forbid a whole host of content including "defamatory, discriminatory, or mean-spirited" material or anything "... More »

Apple's 'Embarrassing' New Show Features Celebs Judging Apps

Gwyneth,, Jessica Alba are involved

(Newser) - Apple is coming out with an original reality show ... about apps. The world got its first look at Planet of the Apps this week at Recode's Code media conference, Quartz reports. It's basically a combination of Shark Tank, the reality show in which would-be entrepreneurs pitch their business... More »

Donald Rumsfeld Develops 'Diabolical' Solitaire App

He's behind a new iPhone, iPad app inspired by Winston Churchill

(Newser) - Meet Donald Rumsfeld, app developer. Yes, the 83-year-old former defense secretary is behind Churchill Solitaire , available on iPhones and iPads as of last week, the Wall Street Journal reports. Rumsfeld says that while he was US ambassador to NATO in Brussels in 1973, he learned the version of solitaire Winston... More »

Apple Suffers First Major Attack on App Store

Something called XcodeGhost is to blame

(Newser) - Apple has suffered its first major attack on the App Store and yesterday confirmed that it had removed the offending apps. Apple says hackers modified the tool, called Xcode, that developers use to create iOS apps. Developers who mistakenly used the counterfeit XcodeGhost created apps that had the malicious code... More »

Apple Makes Strange Confederate Flag Move

Yanks flag from App Store, even when used as part of historical games

(Newser) - At first, it doesn't sound all that odd to hear that Apple has yanked games that use the Confederate flag from its App Store. Until you realize that means the company has yanked many Civil War-themed games because they feature the flag. TouchArcade reported on the move, noting that... More »

Apple Does U-Turn on Marijuana App

Social app will be allowed in states with legal weed

(Newser) - Apple appears to have decided that it doesn't make a lot of sense for the company to be tougher on marijuana apps than 23 state governments are on marijuana. Isaac Dietrich, co-founder of pot-themed social network MassRoots, tells the San Francisco Chronicle that Apple has decided to allow his... More »

Tom Hanks Made the App Store's No. 1 iPad App

Hanx Writer mimics an old typewriter

(Newser) - Tom Hanks: beloved actor, slam poet , space enthusiast , and ... iPad app developer. And not just any developer, but developer of the most popular iPad app of the moment, Time reports. As of this writing, the Hanx Writer app, launched Thursday, sits in the No. 1 spot among free apps on... More »

Kim Kardashian Now Has Her Own ... Video Game

Coming soon to a smartphone near you

(Newser) - Kim Kardashian: The Video Game? No, this is not a joke. "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" is coming next week to the App Store and Google Play, Kardashian announced yesterday , along with a video preview of the game. Based on the trailer, it appears to involve walking red carpets and runways,... More »

Amazon Now Streams Movies to iPads

Web giant's Instant Video Store debuts on Apple's tablet

(Newser) - Amazon is popping up on the iPad. The massive e-retailer launched an app for its Instant Video Store for Apple's tablet (but not iPhone—yet). The app can stream "Prime content," which is Amazon's version of Netflix Watch Instantly and is included in Amazon's overall... More »

Facebook's App Center Open for Business

Unlike rivals, App Center puts focus on social

(Newser) - The App Center Facebook announced last month is open for business. The phased rollout will ultimately give all its US users access to 600 apps, like Pinterest and Draw Something, reports TechCrunch . Unlike Apple's App Store and Google Play, though, Facebook's App Center is more of a discovery... More »

Facebook Gets Own App Store

But 'App Center' is more of an 'App Showcase'

(Newser) - Facebook announced its own App Center yesterday , in a move being touted as "smart" that will likely boost its influence even further. The "store" will open in the next few weeks, Fast Company reports; there will be both web and mobile versions. On CNET , Rafe Needleman calls the... More »

Apple: We Didn't Fix E-Book Prices

Publishers in charge of iBookstore prices: firm

(Newser) - The Justice Department's allegations of an e-book pricing conspiracy at Apple are "simply not true," the tech giant says, according to Reuters . "The launch of the iBookstore in 2010 fostered innovation and competition, breaking Amazon's monopolistic grip on the publishing industry," an Apple rep... More »

iPhone App of the Year Is... Instagram

Apple recognizes its faves as Angry Birds remains top-seller

(Newser) - The retro-styling photography app Instagram scored the honor of 2011's "iPhone App of the Year," as bestowed by Apple in its annual year-in-review rankings called iTunes Rewind. Instagram allows users to retool photos with Polaroid-esque filters and then share the snapshots through social media. The iPhone app... More »

Apple Now Takes Chinese Currency for Apps

It welcomes the yuan, and a huge new market

(Newser) - iPhone, iPod, and iPad apps can now be paid for with Chinese yuan. Customers of more than 20 Chinese banks are now able to use the yuan to purchase apps for their Apple devices, while previously they were required to use a dual-currency credit card—an obstacle that encouraged many... More »

Apple Boots Developer Who Exposed Security Hole

Finding App Store bug costs Charlie Miller his license

(Newser) - Security guru Charlie Miller found himself kicked out of Apple's developer program just hours after he announced that he had found a major security flaw. Miller discovered a hole that allows iPhone and iPad applications to grab potentially malicious code from third-party servers even after they have been approved... More »

Apple Cans App That Slams Its Supply Chain

Phone Story contains 'objectionable content,' Apple says

(Newser) - An app that takes a harsh look at the smartphone industry has been removed from Apple's App Store. Phone Story included four mini-games involving child labor in Africa, worker suicides in China, e-waste disposal in developing countries, and consumerism in the West. Apple says it banned the app for... More »

Mind-Controlled Games Hit the iPhone

MindGames rolls out W.I.L.D. and Tug of Mind

(Newser) - Ever wanted to control a video game with your mind? It sounds like science fiction, but it’s real and it’s in the Apple App Store. Iceland company MindGames has released a pair of games controlled by your thoughts, using a headset that reads your brain waves like an... More »

Apple Sues Amazon Over Its, Um, 'Appstore'

Says it violated its trademark

(Newser) - Got legal problems? Well, unless you're using an iPhone/iPad/iPod, there had better not be an "app" for that, at least not one sold in an "App Store." Apple has sued Amazon over the name of its new "Amazon Appstore," which sells Android applications, the LA ... More »

38% of Small Companies Would Die Without Mobile Apps

...say small companies, which employ two to 50 workers

(Newser) - It may sound a little dramatic, but 38% of small business say they "could not survive" or would have a very tough time surviving without mobile apps, according to an AT&T survey. Of 2,246 small businesses polled, a full 72% said that they used mobile apps in... More »

Control-Freak Apple Headed for Backlash

No longer an upstart, Apple needs more openness to succeed long-term

(Newser) - Steve Jobs' Apple has gone from underdog geek favorite to the No. 2 company in the world (behind petro-behemoth Exxon Mobil), and the new big dog is facing some backlash for its control-freak ways and "highly closed" approach. Apple's stranglehold is giving app developers, publishers, and service providers fits,... More »

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