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Palin: I'm Done Whining

... about the 'lamestream' media, anyway

(Newser) - Attention, lamestream media: Sarah Palin has had it with you, to the point where she's not even going to whine about you anymore. Seems Bill Maher called her a nasty name ever-so-subtly invoking female genitalia , NOW leaped to her defense, and Palin went on Fox yesterday to tell everyone to... More »

Bachmann Explains Gaffe—by Making New Gaffe

Says mainstream media's '3,400' members are to blame...

(Newser) - Michele Bachmann yesterday fired back at critics who poked her recent American history gaffe on the Laura Ingraham Show. She accused all "3,400" members of the "mainstream media" of being "part of the Obama press contingent." There's just one tiny problem with her counting, notes... More »

Sympathy for Elizabeth Big Reason Media Held Back

Mainstream media, not knowing what to do, fumbled reportage

(Newser) - The mainstream media found itself in an awkward bind when evidence of John Edwards' affair began trickling in, writes Howard Kurtz in the Washington Post. Why such a half-hearted effort to confirm the story? Kurtz doesn't think the liberal bias charge holds up and says sympathy for Elizabeth Edwards, disdain... More »

3 Stories