Moro Islamic Liberation Front

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'Islamist' Bomb Kills 5 at Philippines Cathedral

45 injured in blast blamed on Islamic separatists

(Newser) - A bombing outside a church in the southern Philippines this morning killed five and injured 45, Reuters reports. The military blamed the attack on the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, a militant separatist group, the BBC notes. “The rebels are getting desperate and they are no longer choosing their targets,... More »

130K Flee Rebels in Philippines

Battles with Islamic separatists threaten humanitarian disaster

(Newser) - Fighting in the southern Philippines between government forces and Islamic separatists has now displaced 130,000 people, the New York Times reports, and welfare officials are warning of a humanitarian disaster as battles once confined to two provinces have spread throughout the island of Mindanao. Thousands, most of them Muslims,... More »

2 Stories