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North Korea: China Can't Stop Our Nukes

Pointed editorial says country would give up its ally

(Newser) - Don't expect pressure from China to have an effect on North Korea's nuclear weapons program. That was the message in an editorial published by the North's state news media Wednesday, described by an expert as the harshest critique of China to come out of the country in... More »

Keith's 'No Journalist'— Let Him Donate

Trouble is 'thin line' between journalism, commentary: Meghan McCain

(Newser) - Keith Olbermann shouldn’t have been taken to task for donating to Democrats because he’s not a journalist—he’s a commentator, argues Meghan McCain in the Daily Beast . But the kerfuffle spotlights a key issue as the lines between entertainment, journalism, and commentary blur: News outlets need to... More »

NBC's Olympics Better on Mute

Commentators are ruining the games

(Newser) - The Olympics are supposed to be about the grand human drama of sports, entire lives culminating in this one shot at glory. So “why do we insist, like a bunch of preschoolers, on talking all the way through them?” demands LA Times TV critic Mary McNamara. NBC’s commentary... More »

Obama to Write Cover Story on Haiti for Newsweek

President agrees to play essayist

(Newser) - President Obama will write a cover story about Haiti for the next edition of Newsweek, which will hit the newsstands Monday. How did the newsweekly snag him? Editor Jon Meacham simply called up David Axelrod, who put the question to his boss, the Wall Street Journal reports. More »

Nev. Newspaper Defends Commenters' Anonymity

Review-Journal , ACLU fight subpoena for commenters' identities

(Newser) - A tax-evasion trial has sparked a free-speech controversy at the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The paper has declined to honor a federal subpoena demanding the identities of everyone who commented on an article on the trial. Businessman Robert Kahre faces tax-fraud charges for hiding the real value of sales of gold... More »

Now I Know Why Lefties Hate Me Too: Milbank

Columnist deciphers rage by reading online comments

(Newser) - On the advice of a colleague, columnist Dana Milbank diligently read the comments left by some 1,800 readers last week. And he discovered some fascinating things. “On Tuesday, I learned that I am a right-wing hack. I am a certified idiot. I am Republican flack,” he writes... More »

5 Best Songs You Didn't Hear in 2008

Esquire picks this year's best under-the-radar songs

(Newser) - Test your indie chops, courtesy of Esquire, which rounds up the five best tunes you probably didn’t hear this year:
  • “Jingle Bells,” Julian Koster: There's not a single bell in this holiday classic, just a harrowing singing saw.
  • “One Last Round,” Ron Sexsmith: Sharp commentary
... More »

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