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Kerry Woos Baseball Vote With Cable Coup

Senator pushes MLB to reach agreement for out-of-market games

(Newser) - Whatever their politics, baseball fans nationwide can thank John Kerry for encouraging MLB to keep out-of-market games on cable.  Baseball was planning a $700 million exclusive deal with DirecTV that would have forced most fans to switch cable providers, a daunting prospect, before the Massachusetts senator intervened. More »

Cable Strikes Out With MLB

A war is brewing over out-of-market games. Will the dispute go into "Extra Innings"?

(Newser) - Cable subscribers looking to catch out-of-market games next year may be stuck in the outfield: Major League Baseball has rejected a deal with cable company In Demand to carry the popular "Extra Innings" series. In Demand, a major cable conglomerate, says it has matched the $700 million, seven-year DirecTV... More »

2 Stories