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Marine's Plea Deal Ends Haditha Trial

Frank Wuterich pleads guilty over assault in Iraq

(Newser) - A US Marine pleaded guilty in a court martial today for his role in the infamous 2005 Haditha killings, the AP reports. Admitting to dereliction of duty, Staff Sgt. Frank Wuterich faces up to 3 months confinement, loss of pay, and demotion to private. Nine counts of manslaughter were dropped... More »

Pentagon's Anti-IED Agency a $17B Failure

Agency's many, many employees haven't delivered the goods

(Newser) - After roadside bombs emerged as insurgents’ weapon of choice in Iraq, the Pentagon in 2006 created an agency to deal with the threat. In the years since, that agency has grown to a whopping 1,900 employees, has spent $17 billion—and has precious little to show for it, according... More »

Roadside Bomb Brings US Afghan Toll to 21 in 5 Days

Petraeus: US withdrawal will be 'thinning out,' not abrupt departure

(Newser) - Four US troops were killed by a roadside bomb in eastern Afghanistan today, bringing the American death toll to 21 since Friday. The US death toll for August now stands at 53, almost all of whom were killed in southern and eastern Afghanistan, where the Taliban insurgency is strongest, the... More »

New Navy Device Uses Radio Waves to Blow Up IEDs

Secret technology offers high hopes

(Newser) - After using lasers, projectiles, and jammers in the fight against roadside bombs, the Pentagon last week unveiled a secret new weapon designed to defeat IEDs: radio waves. The new weapon, a beam of radio-frequency energy, can detonate IEDs from a distance and could potentially be used against other types of... More »

'Hurt Locker' Brit Dies Disarming Afghan Bomb

NATO preparing massive assault on Taliban stronghold

(Newser) - A British soldier with the kind of chillingly dangerous job featured in the movie Hurt Locker has been killed disarming a roadside bomb to clear a route for a new Afghan offensive. Warrant Officer David Markland, 36, had survived 8 stints in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, the Times of London... More »

Roadside Bomb Strikes Afghan Gov's Convoy

Kandahar official survives attack on holiest Muslim holiday

(Newser) - The governor of Kandahar narrowly escaped death today when a roadside bomb exploded underneath his convoy. Turyalai Wesa was on his way to prayers on the first day of Eid al-Adha, the holiest holiday on the Muslim calendar. Kandahar is the birthplace of the Taliban, a violent Afghan hotspot, and... More »

UK Colonel's Death Raises Fury at Home

He's killed by roadside bomb after warning about lack of choppers

(Newser) - Britain's newspapers are up in arms today over the revelation that a commander got killed by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan just weeks after warning his superiors they weren't doing enough to prevent such deaths. Lt. Col. Rupert Thorneloe complained in an email that troops didn't have enough helicopters and... More »

8 US Troops Killed in Iraq, Afghanistan

(Newser) - It was an unusually bloody day for US troops abroad today, as eight soldiers were killed—four in Iraq and four in Afghanistan. It was the deadliest day for the US in Iraq since troops left the cities earlier this year, reports the BBC. Three soldiers were killed by a... More »

Afghanistan Troops Face Smarter, Fiercer IEDs

(Newser) - The war in Afghanistan is getting deadlier for both coalition troops and Afghan forces, reports James Dao in the New York Times, mostly because of an increase in homemade bomb attacks—465  in May alone. The IEDs—improvised explosive devices—are getting more sophisticated as well as more common, and... More »

5 US Troops Killed in Wave of Afghan Attacks

Including 5 American soldiers

(Newser) - Three American soldiers were killed today when their Humvee hit a roadside bomb in Southern Afghanistan, and two were killed yesterday, as a string of attacks took 18 lives in the country over the past two days. Earlier today a suicide bomber blew himself up in a fruit shop in... More »

Afghan Governor, 3 Others Killed by Roadside Bomb

Official had helped in 2001 US defeat of Taliban

(Newser) - A bomb detonated near Kabul killed an Afghan provincial governor and three others today, Reuters reports; Taliban militants claimed responsibility for the attack. The governor and former cabinet minister, Abdullah Wardak, had helped the US when it toppled the Taliban in 2001. It was unclear whether the roadside attack was... More »

Bus Bomb Kills 12 in Baghdad

Follows a series of bombings in the capital

(Newser) - Bombs ripped through a minibus this morning in Baghdad, reports CNN, killing 12 and injuring 22 after a string of similar bombings in the region. Two more roadside bombs injured nine near a hospital and two near a convoy of SUVs. Elsewhere, a soldier was killed in an unrelated accident,... More »

'Miracle Marine' Dead After 3-Year Struggle

Struck by roadside bomb, he endured 100+ surgeries

(Newser) - A Marine who endured burns on 97% of his body with good humor and hope has died during routine surgery, USA Today reports. Hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq, Sgt. Merlin German walked, talked, and even danced during his 3-year recovery. Undergoing more than 100 surgeries, he became a... More »

19 Yanks Die in Worst Week of Year for US

Baghdad battles against Shiite militia take heavy toll

(Newser) - The death of a US soldier in a roadside blast in Baghdad yesterday brought the death toll for US troops to 19 in a single week—the highest so far this year. Almost all of the deaths have been in the Iraqi capital, where US and Iraqi forces are battling... More »

US Parts End Up in Insurgents' Bombs in Iraq

US technology exports to UAE getting diverted to Iraq via Iran

(Newser) - A year ago American technology started turning up in roadside bombs used to attack US troops in Iraq, the New York Times reports, and the rogue computer circuits were tracked to the United Arab Emirates. There investigators found the UAE's controls so lax that sensitive technology imported from the US... More »

US Warning Shot Kills Iraqi Girl

Troops fired toward woman who seemed to be signaling to confederate

(Newser) - A warning shot fired by US soldiers killed a young Iraqi girl yesterday, AP reports. Troops in an area of Diyala province where several roadside bombs have recently been found fired a shot "near a suspicious woman who appeared to be signaling to someone while the soldiers were in... More »

'Wonder Woman' Wins Silver Star

Teen medic shielded wounded with her body

(Newser) - A Texas teenager has become the second woman since World War II to be awarded the Silver Star for bravery in combat. Texas medic Monica Lin Brown, 19, used her body to shield five wounded comrades from gunfire while she treated them after their convoy was caught by a roadside... More »

A Colonel's Toughest Duty: the Condolence Letter

US commanders continue 18th-century custom

(Newser) - American warfare has changed over hundreds of years, but one tradition that remains is a commander’s condolence letter to the family of a fallen soldier. The Wall Street Journal spends time with a lieutenant colonel in Iraq who writes his letters by hand whenever one of his men dies.... More »

US Troops Lose Hearing at Alarming Rates

Aural damage from Iraq, Afghanistan wars reaching epidemic levels

(Newser) - US troops are coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan with epidemic rates of hearing damage, AP reports, with 128,000 disabled by permanent hearing loss or tinnitus, ringing in the ears. The nature of the current conflict is part of the problem, with roadside bombs and sudden ambushes giving troops... More »

Baghdad Bombs Claim 54

Reversal in trend of increasing security, as US announce troop reduction

(Newser) - Twin bomb blasts claimed 54 lives and wounded 130 in a Baghdad shopping center today, BBC News reports. Two roadside bombs timed to detonate within minutes of each other exploded in a shopping center in Karada district, leaving survivors holding body parts and searching for loved ones. Violence in Iraq... More »

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