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Senator: I 'Briefly Collapsed' After Latest Physical Feat

Kyrsten Sinema bested her own time in New Zealand triathlon with a 12:59:57 finish

(Newser) - From a rough childhood—including a stint when she was homeless —to a seat in the US Senate, Kyrsten Sinema has long exhibited nerves of steel. The 42-year-old's latest feat is completing the New Zealand Ironman, and in so doing she beat her personal best time in the... More »

Olympic Gold Medalist Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

Swimmer Nathan Adrian hopes to 'break the stigma of discussing men's health issues'

(Newser) - Five-time US Olympic gold medalist Nathan Adrian is aiming for a sixth finish atop the podium in Tokyo in 2020—cancer or no cancer. "Life … can come at you hard," the 30-year-old swimmer wrote in an Instagram post in which he revealed a testicular cancer diagnosis. "... More »

Reveal About Usain Bolt's Stride Upends Sprinting Science

Jamaican runner has an uneven stride, perhaps due to scoliosis

(Newser) - You'd think a smooth, even gait would ensure the fastest running speeds for elite athletes—but researchers who studied the world's fastest man have found that, at least in his case, symmetry doesn't matter. Per the New York Times , scientists from Southern Methodist University in Dallas released... More »

70-Year-Old Rower Sets Off on Record-Breaking Quest

Norwegian Stein Hoff thinks you waste too much time watching 'Game of Thrones'

(Newser) - Norwegian doctor Stein Hoff is no stranger to challenges. The avid rower crossed the Atlantic with a partner in 1997, and in 2002 he rowed solo and unsupported from Lisbon, Portugal, to the coast of the South American country of Guyana. But now the 70-year-old who says people "spend... More »

Pro Runner Inspires With Post-Pregnancy Instagram

'I can run 5:20 pace for a half marathon, but I still pee my pants'

(Newser) - Six months ago, professional runner Stephanie Rothstein Bruce gave birth to a baby boy—her second in 15 months, Self reports. Now she's rocking her stretch marks proudly as she trains with the goal of representing Team USA at the Olympics while simultaneously inspiring thousands of women on Instagram.... More »

Paralympics Bars Paralyzed Athlete, Says Problem All in Her Head

Doctors can't find a physical reason for woman's paralysis

(Newser) - A British athlete who has had no feeling from the chest down for four years has been barred from competing in the Paralympics—because doctors say she should not be paralyzed. The strange case involves 23-year-old Charlotte Wilkinson-Burnett, who has been in a wheelchair since slipping in the shower in... More »

12-Toed Runner: 'Hurts Every Time I Put My Shoes On'

Swapna Barman prepares for Asian Games

(Newser) - An 18-year-old heptathlete from West Bengal, India, is preparing for her first big international competition—and facing a challenge few competitors must address. Swapna Barman has six toes on each foot, and she hasn't been able to find a pair of shoes that works, Reuters reports. "Even after... More »

Performers Live Shorter Lives Than Other Celebs

They can expect to live to 77: study

(Newser) - If you crave a long life in the spotlight, become a ... CEO. Researchers perused 1,000 New York Times obituaries from between 2009 and 2011 in a bid to glean some conclusions about the life expectancy of celebs, the BBC reports. What they found, in terms of average life expectancy:... More »

Why Paralympic Athletes Break Their Own Bones cheat, basically

(Newser) - Top athletes will go to extremes to get a competitive edge, but a BBC look at Paralympians shows just how painful, and illegal, those extremes can be. It delves into "boosting," a practice in which these athletes, who have a physical disability, increase performance by upping their blood... More »

Somali Olympian Drowns Trying to Emigrate to Italy

Mogadishu Islamists threatened her life

(Newser) - A Somali Olympic female runner drowned as she tried to emigrate to Italy on a boat from Libya, Italian media revealed yesterday. The boat sank as Samia Yusuf Omar, 21, made her desperate bid to escape her African home in April, reports the BBC . Samia faced death threats from the... More »

Vollmer Sets World Record in Butterfly

France upsets Aussies, Americans in 4x100 freestyle relay

(Newser) - Dana Vollmer won a gold medal at the Olympics and set a world record, too. Not bad for someone who didn't even qualify four years ago. On a night featuring a relay duel between the Australians and the Americans, Vollmer got things started with a bang today in the... More »

Santorum Wants You to Know He's a Super Athlete

He can bowl, he can shoot, he can golf ... what can't he do?

(Newser) - When it comes to the world of sports, Rick Santorum is one bad mamma jamma. Or, at least, that's what the candidate would like you to think. In an effort to connect with everyday athletic Americans everywhere (and perhaps distance himself from the more polo-esque persona of Mitt Romney),... More »

Latest Sports Performance Enhancer: Deer Antlers?

You couldn't make this stuff up

(Newser) - The latest way to cheat in pro sports? Eating crushed-up deer antlers, apparently. As Yahoo Sports explains, the velvet covering the antlers is harvested in New Zealand, ground into a powder, and sold in the US, most commonly as a $68-a-bottle spray. The problem is that it naturally contains IGF-1,... More »

Muscles Bounce Back to 'Remembered' Strength

They come back quickly even after lazy years

(Newser) - Good news for former jocks who've been lazing around for years: You can regain your former muscle strength in a fraction of the time it would take lifelong non-athletes, thanks to muscles' long-lasting "memory" of their former strength. A new study has found that rather than reverting back to... More »

Athlete Critical After Triathlon

Summer heat hospitalizes 12 competitors

(Newser) - A heatwave took its toll on yesterday's New York City triathlon, with one 31-year-old man rushed to the hospital in critical condition after he collapsed just short of the finish line, and 11 other competitors hospitalized. Some 3,000 people competed in temperatures reaching close to 95 degrees. As might... More »

11 Athletes Turned Awful Actors

Hulk, you should have stuck with wrestling

(Newser) - No, LeBron James, no! Stay far, far away from the movie business, Chris Yuscavage begs. Most athletes who try to make the transition fall flat, and it would be a shame if James gave up a spot on the 2012 Summer Olympics basketball team just so he could film the... More »

Why Lindsey Vonn Is Putting Cheese on Her Bum Shin

Olympic skier's alternative approach likely just a placebo

(Newser) - Lindsey Vonn will apparently try anything when it comes to treating her potentially Olympics-ending injury—even "cheese therapy." The skier is reportedly wrapping her bruised shin in topfen, an Austrian cheese that can—supposedly—reduce swelling. But Jessica Dweck is skeptical, writing that the alternative approach will “... More »

Vancouver 2010: Cold Weather, Hot Guys

Sure, they're bundled up, but use your imagination

(Newser) - Not into sports? There are plenty of other reason to watch the Winter Olympics, according to the ladies at The Frisky . Click the link for a complete list of the hottest guys of the Vancouver Games. More »

Serena Williams Named AP's Female Athlete of Year

US Open tirade seems to not have influenced editors

(Newser) - Playing her best at the most important events, Serena Williams re-established herself as the top player in women's tennis in 2009 and was the landslide choice as Female Athlete of the Year by members of the AP. She received 66 of 158 votes cast by editors; no other candidate got... More »

NYC Marathon Winner Not American Enough for Some

Eritrean-born Meb Keflezighi's victory sparks dispute

(Newser) - On Sunday Meb Keflezighi became the first American since 1982 to win the New York City Marathon...according to some. Keflezighi, an American citizen who arrived from the East African country of Eritrea at age 12, had barely crossed the finish line before a debate erupted on how American he... More »

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