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Brit Big Brother Contestant Slashes Wrists

Incident renews debate over mental health of reality TV contestants

(Newser) - A contestant on the British edition of Big Brother slit his wrists after he was voted off the show, reports the Guardian. Sree Dasari, still being treated in the hospital, was an unpopular character; he faced mockery after flirting with another housemate who wasn't attracted to him, and when he... More »

Campaign Hazards: Cindy Sprains Wrist Shaking Hands

Supporter exacerbates existing condition

(Newser) - Cindy McCain ended up with a mild wrist sprain today after an overeager supporter shook her hand with a little too much vigor at a fundraiser, the Washington Post reports. McCain ended up in a Michigan hospital for X-rays and is now wearing an arm sling that should cut down... More »

2 Stories