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Facebook's Latest Headache: Video of King in a Crop Top

Content showing tattooed King Maha Vajiralongkorn may violate strict Thai laws

(Newser) - Facebook has had a lot on its plate— fake news , its "heartbreaking" Facebook Live problem —but now it's seeing pressure from Thailand on another front: The ruling military junta is upset about content circulating online of the country's new king strolling around a shopping mall wearing... More »

Woman's Warning About Windshield Shirt Goes Viral

Michigan's Ashley Hardacre thinks it was planted there to lure her out of car

(Newser) - Who drives around with a shirt draped over their windshield? A 19-year-old in Michigan did, and now her tale—which includes a chilling warning—has gone viral. WDAF reports Ashley Hardacre had just finished up working an evening shift at Flint's Genesee Valley Center on Thursday and had gotten... More »

Singer: Anthem Performance Axed Because of My Shirt

Sevyn Streeter wore 'We Matter' shirt to 76ers game

(Newser) - Philadelphia 76ers national anthem singer Sevyn Streeter says she was told by the team she could not perform because of her "We Matter" jersey. She was scheduled to sing before the Sixers' season opener against the Oklahoma City Thunder Wednesday, but she tells the AP that just minutes before... More »

Weirdest Factoid of Debate: Melania's Blouse

Trump campaign swears Mrs. Trump's 'pussy-bow' shirt wasn't intentional troll

(Newser) - Melania Trump, master troller? While what Donald Trump's wife was wearing during the "ugliest debate in American history" at first glance didn't seem newsworthy, it's now creating buzz based on name alone, the Hill reports. There was no "wardrobe malfunction," but Melania's bright... More »

Internet Helps Autistic Girl Replace Beloved Shirt—150 Times

'It's been very, very touching,' says mom Deborah Skouson

(Newser) - Ever since Deborah Skouson came home with a pink flowered shirt for her daughter five years ago, Cami, who has autism, has been "fixated" on it. It quickly became her favorite piece of clothing, leading Skouson to scour eBay each time her daughter's current shirt became unwearable. But... More »

Man's Fashion Choices Get Him Busted for Burglary

He probably shouldn't have used BMX bike as getaway vehicle, either

(Newser) - A burglary suspect dubbed "The Man of Steal" by local media was busted Tuesday by Philly police after his fashion choices made him easy to ID, the Philadelphia Daily News reports. Kyree Henneghan, 18, was nabbed trying to sell a stolen laptop from his BMX bike (his alleged getaway... More »

Guy Wears Stolen Shirt in Mugshot for Another Crime

And gets busted for that theft, as well

(Newser) - Derek Benson wore a sweatshirt that said "libre" ("freedom") on it for a 2014 mugshot, but he got quite the opposite after a man contacted police in Glastonbury, Conn., to report he had seen the mugshot and that Benson, 30, was wearing the victim's Coco Libre... More »

Dad's 'Feminist Father' Shirt Goes Viral

Daughter: 'He completely agrees with the shirt's message'

(Newser) - A change of pace from the dad-waiting-up-with-a-shotgun stereotype: A photo of a New Jersey dad wearing a feminist T-shirt has gone viral, with many expressing support for its message. Kristine Speare, 20, gave her dad the shirt—which details "rules for dating my daughter," including "she makes... More »

Shirt's Message: Pray for Obama's Death

Verse reads, 'Let his days be few' and 'let his children be fatherless'

(Newser) - A seemingly innocent shirt asking readers to pray for the president has ulterior motives. Shirts and bumper stickers are cropping up with the phrase "Pray for Obama Psalm 109:8." As Gawker points out, the verse in question reads in part, "Let his days be few; and... More »

How to Buy the Perfect White Shirt

The men's wardrobe staple has more nuances than it would appear

(Newser) - Like the little black dress for women, the white shirt is the cornerstone of a man’s wardrobe—and small differences between shirts can make a big statement when it comes to your appearance. GQ offers tips on how to select the perfect staple:
  • Fit your body type: The shirt
... More »

Life Giving You Lemons? Buy a White Shirt

Old standby conveys perfect message to future employers

(Newser) - Seeing red in the markets and less green in their wallets, many newly unemployed businessmen are opting for white in their wardrobe, the Telegraph reports. Sales of white shirts are rising at London clothiers as consumers opt for a fresh start amidst economic turmoil. “A plain white shirt sends... More »

Oldest Working CEO Dead at 107

'Papa Jack' Weil, a Denver fixture, was 'to Western shirts what Henry Ford was to cars'

(Newser) - Jack A. Weil, the Henry Ford of Western shirts who was thought to be the oldest working CEO, died yesterday at age 107, the Denver Post reports. “Papa Jack,” as he was known in the Denver community, popularized the Western shirt as we know it. The sawtooth pocket... More »

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