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Upscale Wines Come in ... a Box?

Sales are surging and critics are approving of new deluxe boxed wines

(Newser) - Companies selling boxed wines want Americans to pour their next glass of fine vino from, dare we say it, a spigot. In fact, sales of new deluxe boxed wines spiked 19% last year, and wine reviewers are beginning to dispense praise. While upmarket boxed wines may still turn off wine... More »

Boxed Wine's Time Has Come

Though it has earned its bad reputation in the past, today's boxed wines can be great

(Newser) - It’s time to stop sneering at boxed wine: “A box of rosé wine in the fridge is almost a rite of summer in France,” writes Tyler Colman for Forbes. True, boxed wine in the US often deserves its miserable reputation, but quality—and sales—are improving. Even... More »

Thinking Inside the Box Means Greener, Cheaper Vino

Quality is rising, so get on board, wine snobs

(Newser) - A move by Italy toward wine in boxes should be a kick in the grapes for US producers and consumers, Tyler Colman writes in the New York Times. “But the sky isn’t falling. Wine in a box makes sense environmentally and economically,” the author and blogger continues,... More »

3 Stories