Fort Sill

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Justice Dept. Opposes Effort to Dig Up Geronimo

(Newser) - The Justice Department has asked a federal judge to dismiss a lawsuit seeking to unearth the bones of Geronimo from his Oklahoma tomb and rebury them in his native New Mexico, the BBC reports. The Apache leader’s descendants also name Yale University and the Skull and Bones society, which... More »

Bar to Patron: Cash or Credit; No Gum Wrappers

Soldier gets tab paid off, still arrested for disorderly conduct

(Newser) - A soldier attempting to play billiards using a beer bottle in place of a pool cue was arrested at an Oklahoma bar after he tried to pay his tab using gum wrappers, the Lawton Constitution reports. Another customer picked up the $32 bill, but the 28-year-old will face charges of... More »

Wounded Vets Assaulted by Mold—Again

Soldiers ordered not to talk about conditions at Walter Reed stand-in

(Newser) - In a replay of the scandalous conditions uncovered at Walter Reed Medical Center last year, an Oklahoma barracks that houses wounded soldiers has become infested with mold, soldiers stationed there told USA Today. Twenty soldiers stepped forward, saying they’d been ordered not to discuss conditions at Fort Sill, which... More »

3 Stories