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Fall-Back Job for Japanese Women: Flirting

Recession sends women into night clubs to sexily serve drinks

(Newser) - Jobs are scarce in Japan, so women are turning to a once-shunned profession: “hostessing.” They’re paid handsomely to serve drinks to, and, more importantly, lavish attention on, the patrons of gentlemen’s clubs, the New York Times reports. A good flirt can easily earn $100,000 a... More »

Hostesses Wow after Grueling Preparation

Stand-and-smile boot camp preceded duty at medal ceremonies

(Newser) - The hostesses helping to hand out medals at the Beijing Olympics are earning high praise for their glamor and grace. But while they make their jobs look simple, a whopping amount of training and a meticulous selection process brought the women to the world stage. Candidates were chosen using precise... More »

2 Stories