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MADD Petition: Send 'Affluenza' Kid to Adult Court

Ethan Couch's case is currently still in juvenile court

(Newser) - Mad that "affluenza teen" Ethan Couch avoided jail time after killing four people in a drunk driving crash, and now faces a grand total of just 120 days in jail even after allegedly violating his probation and then fleeing the country? So is MADD. Mothers Against Drunk Driving has... More »

Backlash Greets College Chiefs' Move to Lower Drinking Age

Educators, legislators, MADD are all in uproar

(Newser) - A chorus of criticism has greeted proposals from college chiefs to consider lowering the drinking age to 18, the Washington Post reports, as everyone from health experts, lawmakers, high school principals, and groups like MADD have been quick to slam the idea. The academic leaders say their theory that lowering... More »

2 Stories