Tower Bridge

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British Bridges Duel on Twitter

London Bridge Tweeters mercilessly mock Tower Bridge's dreary updates

(Newser) - Britain's best-known bridges are battling it out on Twitter, the Daily Telegraph reports. The steady stream of monotonous updates from London's Tower Bridge's official Twitter feed—"I am opening for the SB Lady Daphne, which is passing upstream"—inspired someone to set up a spoof account for nearby... More »

Terror Cell 'Targeted Queen'

Cell stocked with info on royal residences

(Newser) - A terror cell busted by British police was apparently plotting an attack on the queen and other royals, reports the Daily Telegraph. Islamic extremist Aabid Hussain Khan, 23, was convicted yesterday of possessing terrorist materials, including detailed information on royal residences, and other London landmarks. The cell included a teenager,... More »

2 Stories