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New Amazon Competitor Is Like an 'Online Costco'

Boxed was built by 10 people in 90 days with just $1M

(Newser) - Amazon.com has a new competitor to deal with this holiday shopping season—a company built in 90 days with just over $1 million in initial funding. Now six months old, Boxed "is the online Costco," Quartz reports, delivering bulk goods straight to your door within two days... More »

Four Loko Recycled Into Fuel Ethanol

Widely banned drink proves useful after all

(Newser) - With Four Loko banned in many states and being voluntarily pulled from shelves in others, there's quite a few cans of the stuff lying around in warehouses around the US. What to do with it all? Wholesalers from a number of southern states have been converting their excess stock into... More »

Stocks Rise on Job, Price Data

(Newser) - Stocks climbed at the open, following jobless claims and wholesale price reports that, for once, didn’t contain any nasty surprises. The Dow was up 35 points, while the Nasdaq and S&P each rose about 0.8%. The producer-price index rose 0.8% in January, reflecting a widespread rise... More »

Losses Continue for 2nd Day

Stagflation stalks the Street; retailers post poor results

(Newser) - Stocks fell today for a second straight session as doubts about financials persisted and economic news painted gloomy outlooks on inflation and housing, MarketWatch reports. Disappointing quarterly reports from the retail sector made a bad situation worse. The Dow fell 130.84 to 11,348.55, the Nasdaq 32.62... More »

4 Stories