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After Afghan Soldier Kills 4 Troops, French to Withdraw?

6 other coalition troops killed in helicopter crash

(Newser) - France suspended its training programs in Afghanistan today after an Afghan National Army soldier shot and killed four French troops and wounded 16 others. The soldier, who opened fire at a base in eastern Afghanistan, has been arrested, the BBC reports. French President Nicolas Sarkozy says France may now withdraw... More »

France: No More Combat Troops for Afghanistan

Minister says France will consider sending extra trainers

(Newser) - The 7,000 reinforcements NATO has promised to send to Afghanistan along with the American surge won't be coming from France. French officials have ruled out sending more combat troops to the country but will consider sending more trainers for Afghanistan's army and police, Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner told CNN... More »

Afghan Rocket Misses French General, Kills 3 Kids

Insurgents target marketplace meeting

(Newser) - A rocket attack intended for a French general instead killed three children and wounded 20 others in a busy market northeast of Kabul today. Insurgents fired into the marketplace hoping to hit a meeting between Brig. Gen. Marcel Druart and tribal elders from Tagab Valley, where France is in the... More »

Taliban Photos Enrage French

Magazine shows militants posing with personal effects of dead soldiers

(Newser) - A magazine photo shoot of Taliban fighters wearing the uniforms and personal effects of dead French troops has shocked France, the Guardian reports. Paris Match ran the photos and an interview with a Taliban commander who claims to be responsible for the ambush that killed 10 French soldiers last month.... More »

Sarkozy Renews Afghan Support

Visits troops, meets with Karzai

(Newser) - Nicolas Sarkozy reaffirmed his support of the Afghan mission today, in the wake of a Taliban ambush that killed 10 French soldiers and wounded 21 others, the BBC reports. After meeting with Hamid Karzai, Sarkozy told troops to be proud of their “indispensable” work. “We're going to make... More »

Sarkozy Headed to Afghanistan After French Troop Deaths

10 killed in Taliban attack near Kabul

(Newser) - French President Nicolas Sarkozy plans to visit Afghanistan after 10 French troops were killed and 21 injured by Taliban fighters in an ambush near Kabul, the Guardian reports. The battle—which began yesterday and continued into today—nearly doubled the number of French soldiers who have lost their lives in... More »

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