Ho Chi Minh City

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Bob Dylan Gets First Gig in Vietnam

Legend expected to sell out 8,000-seat venue

(Newser) - Decades after making his name with Vietnam-era antiwar songs, Bob Dylan is set to perform in Vietnam for the first time, the AP reports. He’ll play in an 8,000-seat university stadium in Ho Chi Minh City, and planners expect the show to sell out. “Bob Dylan is... More »

Saigon Buries War Past

Breakneck rush to development leaves high-rises in place of multi-tiered history

(Newser) - It looks like Saigon, “the Paris of the East,” can't wait to ditch its colorful culture and tumultuous history for a shining capitalist future, Peter Jon Lindberg writes in Travel + Leisure. Officially Ho Chi Minh City, the Vietnamese “cosmopolis,” 8 million strong, boasts the world's... More »

2 Stories