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Obama's Next 'Cave-In': Social Security

Deficit commission, tax cut deal set course for disaster

(Newser) - President Obama already caved on tax cuts, and next up is Social Security, writes Robert Kuttner on the Huffington Post . The tax cut deal will increase the deficit by some $900 billion—offering more leverage to deficit hawks and “adding to the artificial hysteria that Social Security is going... More »

Obama Needs a B-Team

Dissent among insiders could save his presidency

(Newser) - President Obama’s top advisers have had their chance, and Tuesday proves they blew it, writes American Prospect editor Robert Kuttner. The trouble is that “an in-group of experts often becomes an echo chamber, reinforcing their own prejudices and excluding people with different views,” he notes in the... More »

Retail Politics Entangle Book on Obama

Barnes & Noble cuts order over publisher's deal with Amazon

(Newser) - Barnes and Noble says its stores will not stock Obama’s Challenge, a new book outlining a progressive economic agenda for the Democratic candidate, because the publisher cut an exclusive deal with, the Wall Street Journal reports. Amazon’s print-on-demand service will offer the title beginning Monday, while... More »

3 Stories