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Ann Coulter Furious After Berkeley Reschedules Speech

She vows to come to campus on original date

(Newser) - Ann Coulter can speak at the University of California-Berkeley after all, the university says—but the different date it has proposed is nowhere near good enough. After Berkeley, which said it called off her April 27 speech due to security concerns, issued a press release saying she had been offered... More »

Ann Coulter Vows to Speak After Berkeley Cancels

Campus says it couldn't find a safe venue

(Newser) - Ann Coulter fired off an angry stream of tweets Wednesday, vowing to speak as planned next week at the University of California, Berkeley after campus officials called off the event for security concerns. "I WILL BE SPEAKING NEXT THURSDAY," the right-wing commentator tweeted, calling the move to cancel... More »

Trump Threatens University's Funding After Milo Protest

President says UC Berkeley had better allow 'free speech,' not '[practice] violence'

(Newser) - The UC Berkeley campus erupted in anger Wednesday night during a protest that turned violent against a scheduled speech by far-right Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos (the speech ended up being canceled). President Trump weighed in on the incident on Twitter, per the Hill , and it was clear from his message... More »

Violent Protests Shut Down Milo Berkeley Talk

Yiannopoulos accuses left of being scared of free speech

(Newser) - A talk by far-right commentator Milo Yiannopoulos at the University of California-Berkeley had to be called off Wednesday night as protesters smashed windows, ignited fireworks, and chucked bricks and Molotov cocktails. The university blamed the violence on 150 "masked agitators" it accused of disrupting otherwise peaceful protests against the... More »

Berkeley Prof Accused of Harassment Sues Accusers

Blake Wentworth also suing school

(Newser) - A UC Berkeley instructor accused of sexual harassment has now filed lawsuits against three accusers, as well as the school system itself, SFist.com reports. Blake Wentworth, an instructor in the college's South and Southeast Asian Studies Department, first filed a defamation suit Sept. 20 against Nicole Hemenway, followed... More »

Berkeley Responds to Student Protests With 'Escape' Door

Yeah, that didn't go over well

(Newser) - Last year, student protesters stormed the chancellor's suite at California's UC Berkeley, staging a sit-in outside Chancellor Nicholas Dirks' office and later marching to his actual residence. In a response that may have made student-administration relations worse, the university has now installed an emergency exit near Dirks' office,... More »

UC Berkeley Student Confirmed Dead in France Attack

Family had been searching desperately for Nicolas Leslie

(Newser) - Nicolas Leslie, a 20-year-old UC Berkeley student missing since Thursday, has been confirmed as the third American victim of the truck attack in Nice . He was in the French city as part of the university's Study Abroad program, NBC News reports. "This is tragic, devastating news," UC... More »

UC Berkeley Student Still Missing After Nice Attack

'We just want our son back'

(Newser) - A 20-year-old UC Berkeley student is still missing following Thursday's attack in Nice, France , and his family, friends, university, and government are desperately trying to find him. The San Francisco Chronicle reports Nick Leslie was one of 85 UC Berkeley students in Nice for the European Innovation Academy. He... More »

3 US College Students Among Dead in Bangladesh Attack

They were students at Emory University and UC Berkeley

(Newser) - Among the 20 hostages killed in the attack on a cafe in Bangladesh's capital of Dhaka were three students attending college in the US, CNN reports. Abinta Kabir of Miami was a sophomore at Georgia's Emory University. She was visiting friends and family in Dhaka. Faraaz Hossain is... More »

Cops: Man Decapitated, Mutilated 300-Pound Statue

Its head and feet were found in a pit

(Newser) - The torso of a legendary UC Berkeley crew coach was found in the back of a pickup truck Saturday in San Leandro, California, CBS SF Bay Area reports. According to the Los Angeles Times , his head and feet were found in a pit nearby. Oh, we should mention it was... More »

Planet-Hunting Professor Quits in Disgrace

UC Berkeley didn't punish him for groping students

(Newser) - One of the world's leading experts on planets outside our solar system has had to resign in disgrace because he couldn't keep his hands off female students. Astronomer Geoff Marcy stepped down from his professorship at the University of California, Berkeley on Wednesday after it emerged that a... More »

College Offers Course on Game of Thrones

Winter quarter is coming

(Newser) - Finally, a class to make the maesters proud. Students at UC Berkeley, already home to a philosophy course based on The Simpsons, have entered the world of Westeros with a film studies class based on HBO's Game of Thrones. Berkeley PhD candidate Justin Vaccaro had been trying to get... More »

Black Effigies Hung by Necks at UC Berkeley

This 'could have been racially motivated,' school rep says

(Newser) - Amid nationwide protests against police brutality, effigies of three black people hung by their necks turned up on UC Berkeley campus in northern California yesterday—but was it racism or politically inspired art? "We are unsure of the intent," a school spokeswoman tells the AP . The effigies, one... More »

Study: UC Leftism Not Right

Campuses a 'sanctuary for narrow ideology,' says conservative group

(Newser) - Leftist faculty and "politically correct" thinking at University of California campuses are giving students a dangerously unbalanced education, according to a study by an organization of conservative educators. Humanities departments in particular have been hijacked by a leftist agenda that merely teaches about minorities grievances, according to the report,... More »

Cop Shoots Gunman Near Berkeley Protests

Man shot in biz computer lab a half-mile from Occupy demonstration

(Newser) - As students and demonstrators began to gather at the University of California at Berkeley yesterday, a police officer shot an armed man inside a business computer lab on the other side of campus. Police say the suspect, who was taken to a local hospital for surgery, was shot after he... More »

Occupiers Battle for New Ground: College Campuses

Occupy Colleges starts new wave of protest movement

(Newser) - With city police cracking down on Occupiers nationwide, many protesters are looking for a new place to set up camp: university lawns. Occupiers have pitches their tents at only a few schools so far, but several did so at Berkeley this week after some 3,000 people demonstrated against tuition... More »

Berkeley Cops Clash With Student Occupiers

Video shows them lashing out at crowd with batons

(Newser) - Things got ugly at UC Berkeley yesterday, when students tried to set up an Occupy encampment on campus against university orders. No sooner had students set up their tents than dozens of cops in riot gear descended on them, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. When students linked arms around the... More »

Racially Charged Bake Sale Sparks Student Outrage

UC Berkeley Republicans get snarky about student admissions

(Newser) - "White/Caucasian" pastries: $2. "Black/African American" pastries: 75 cents. "Native American" pastries: only a quarter. Such is the pricing scheme for a sarcastic "Increase Diversity Bake Sale" posted on Facebook by a Republican group at UC Berkeley, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . Planned for Tuesday, the sale... More »

Protesters Face Down Berkeley Riot Cops

Activists win concessions after 7 hours on ledge

(Newser) - A tense day of protests against massive budget cuts at UC Berkeley ended with protesters claiming victory. Eight activists who spent seven hours chained together on a fourth-floor ledge as riot police faced off with protesters below came down after reaching an agreement with campus officials, the San Francisco Chronicle... More »

US Hikers in Iran Plead Not Guilty

Court procedure drags on for 5 hours

(Newser) - Two American hikers imprisoned in Iran pleaded not guilty yesterday to charges that included trespassing and spying. UC Berkeley grads Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer have been held in an Iranian prison for 18 months after they were busted for allegedly straying across the border during a 2009 hiking trip.... More »

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