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Dad Calls 911 on Son, Who Gets Killed by Police

Iowa father questions use of force after chase

(Newser) - The Des Moines Register reports on a fatal police shooting this week, and a quote high up in the story from the victim's father pretty much tells the tragic tale: "He took off with my truck," recalls James Comstock. "I call the police, and they kill... More »

Debt, Schmebt: Loans Not Even on Students' Radar

Many underestimate them, some don't even know they have them

(Newser) - Many students are utterly clueless about how much student loan debt they have, a new Iowa State University study suggests. The study, conducted by ISU faculty on ISU students, found that 40% underestimated how in debt they were, and 1 in 8 didn't even realize they had loans at... More »

Iowa Student Graduating After 19 Years of College

48-year-old took single class each semester

(Newser) - She’s been in college since Bill Clinton was elected, taking approximately one class each semester—and now, she’s finally graduating. “I've been doing this so long, I don't think I'll know how not to do it,” says Kathy Vitzthum, 48, a senior accounting... More »

Kegger-Plagued College Town Paves With Rubber

Iowa college town ditches concrete for more flexible solution

(Newser) - Sloppy keg delivery has taken its toll on sidewalks in the Campustown area popular with Iowa State University students, the Ames Tribune reports—but officials aren’t cracking under the pressure. Instead, they’re installing rubber sidewalks to replace pavement battered by years of abuse from offloaded beer barrels. Made... More »

4 Stories