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Girls' Team Booted From Finals Over Snapchat Post

Softball team was hours away from playing televised game

(Newser) - Note to the victors: it’s best to keep your gloating off social media. So learned a Virginia softball team about to take the national stage in the televised Junior League World Series, reports the Richmond Times-Dispatch . The Atlee Little League softball team of Mechanicsville was disqualified from competing after... More »

Little League Softball Team Accused of Taking a Dive

Washington allegedly bunted its way to an 8-0 loss to avoid rematch with Iowa

(Newser) - Everyone knows there's no crying in baseball. Now, it turns out there's no diving in softball. A softball team from Washington state was forced to play a penalty game after being accused of intentionally losing an earlier contest to secure an easier path to victory in the Little... More »

Boys Really Do Throw Better

And it may be because of our primitive ancestors

(Newser) - Female softball players, you might want to stop reading now. Researchers say that girls are indeed inherently worse at throwing than boys, reports the Washington Post . The gap in ability starts at a young age and gets progressively bigger. Some say it's all about nurture, because boys are usually... More »

Is Softball a Lesbian Sport?

Kagan photo starts brouhaha

(Newser) - The Wall Street Journal is taking heat for putting Elena Kagan's softball photo on its front page because, gay-rights activists complain, the game is so closely associated with lesbianism that the photo read as an insinuation that the Supreme Court nominee is gay. That's set off a national discussion, according... More »

MLB on Kagan's Stance: The Kid's All Right

Would-be justice looks pretty good, Mets and Nats agree

(Newser) - Sure, Elena Kagan might be a Supreme Court justice soon, but how would she handle a fastball? One of the press photos of Kagan shows her crouching over the plate in a softball game, so decided to pass the shot around the locker room before yesterday's Mets/Natonals game... More »

Banned Bisexuals Sue Gay World Series

Group disqualified their team because they weren't gay enough

(Newser) - Three bisexual men have filed a lawsuit complaining that they were discriminated against by an athletics organization that said they were too straight to play in the Gay Softball World Series. Each team is allowed to have no more than two straight players, the Seattle Times explains. The bisexuals' team... More »

3 ND College Softball Players Found in Pond

Bodies in submerged vehicle, foul play not suspected

(Newser) - The bodies of three North Dakota college students missing since Sunday have been found in a Jeep submerged in a cattle stock pond. The women's desperate final cell phone calls helped authorities locate the vehicle. Officials don't suspect foul play, but autopsies are being conducted. The three softball players enjoyed... More »

Olympic Board Backs Golf, Rugby for 2016

IOC execs reject baseball, softball; decision faces Oct. vote

(Newser) - Olympic leaders selected golf and rugby today for proposed inclusion in the 2016 Summer Games, rejecting bids from baseball, softball, and three other sports. The IOC executive board narrowed the field to two from a list of seven, which also included squash, karate, and roller sports. The board will submit... More »

Livid Softball Dad Jailed for Tirade

Ill. man also spat at deputy, earning battery charge

(Newser) - Parents, take note: An Illinois man who exploded at an umpire during his daughter's softball game was sentenced to five days in jail and anger-management classes for battery and assault, the Chicago Tribune reports. Michael Beck, 47, also spat sunflower seeds on the deputy who responded to a worried... More »

Japan Upsets US for Softball Gold

Americans denied top prize for first time since sport's Olympic debut in 1996

(Newser) - The US softball team was denied a chance for a fourth consecutive Olympic gold medal today, beaten 3-1 by Japan in the sport's last appearance in the Olympics for at least 8 years. Japanese pitcher Yukiko Ueno shut down an American squad that ruled the sport since its Olympic debut... More »

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