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From One Sperm Donor, 150 Siblings

One father, tons of kids: Is it a problem?

(Newser) - When Cynthia Daily, her partner, and their son vacation with other families, "it's wild," she says. The kids "all look alike." That's because Daily turned to a sperm donor seven years ago; using the number assigned to her donor, she later searched an online... More »

Shocked Parents Learn They're Half-Siblings

Irish couple struggles to cope with bombshell

(Newser) - An Irish couple with a young son is reeling after learning that they're half-siblings. "We really hit it off," the man, who asked to be called James, tells the Irish Mail on Sunday about meeting his partner. "After a week it felt like we’d known each... More »

Obama's Half- Brother Nabbed for Pot in Kenya

George denies charge, resisted arrest; prez barely knows him

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s half-brother has been arrested in Kenya for possessing marijuana, CNN reports. George Obama is being held at a Nairobi police station ahead of a Monday trial after police said he resisted arrest. He denies the charges. “They took me from my home," he said. "... More »

Obama Inspires Destitute Half-Brother

26-year-old George Obama sees role model in powerful bro

(Newser) - Presidential candidate Barack Obama's half-brother isn't on the campaign trail, he's living in a shack in a Kenyan slum, reports the Telegraph. George Hussein Obama, 26, has only spoken to his powerful relative twice in his life, but is crediting Barack for providing the inspiration to lift himself out... More »

4 Stories