Shaker al Abssi

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Top Terror Leader Killed

Led militant fighters in refugee camp

(Newser) - Islamic militant leader Shaker al-Abssi, wanted for the murder of a US diplomat in Jordan, was killed by Lebanese troops in the bloody climax of the battle for the Nahr el-Bared refugee camp near Tripoli. Al-Abssi was one of 39 militants killed by Lebanese special forces Sunday after a three-month... More »

Lebanese Claim Victory in Camp

Palestinians holding out in rubble

(Newser) - The Lebanese government has declared "mission accomplished" in its month-long battle against al-Qaeda-spawned militants in a Palestinian refugee camp. The siege left 166 dead and destroyed much of the Nahr al-Bared camp in northern Lebanon, in some of the worst fighting the country has seen since its 15-year-long civil... More »

New Terrorist Leader Trains In Lebanon

Shakir al-Abssi boasts 150 operatives at his base in a refugee camp

(Newser) - A new terrorist leader, Shakir al-Abssi, has emerged to pick up where Al Qaeda left off, assembling small teams to strike at Americans from his base in Lebanon.  His militant Islamic group, called Fatah al Islam, boasts 150 members who operate freely because Lebanese officials claim they have no... More »

3 Stories