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Taekwondo Rocked by Sex Allegations Against Brothers

Olympic and Taekwondo officials ignored decades of abuse: lawsuit

(Newser) - Four former elite taekwondo athletes have filed a class-action lawsuit against USA Taekwondo stars Steven and Jean Lopez for sexual assault, reports NPR . The suit, which names the Lopez brothers, the US Olympic Committee, and USA Taekwondo, was brought by four women including Heidi Gilbert and Mandy Meloon, both world... More »

Master Who Claimed Credit for Bruce Lee's Kick Has Died

Jhoon Rhee popularized taekwondo in the US beginning in the 1950s

(Newser) - Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee, the man known as the "father of American Taekwondo," died Monday after a long illness at age 86, reports the AP . His son, Chun Rhee, said his father died in hospice care in Arlington, Va. Jhoon Rhee was a 10th-degree black belt credited with popularizing... More »

Cops: Martial Arts Instructor Knocks Out 5-Year-Old

He's been charged with felony child abuse

(Newser) - A 21-year-old martial arts instructor was arrested this week and charged with felony child abuse after allegedly knocking a 5-year-old student unconscious, the Washington Post reports. Police say Justin Branick was teaching a taekwondo class at Virginia's Tiger Martial Arts Academy in Bristow on Tuesday when he got mad... More »

Black Belt Crowned Miss USA

Self-defense is important, says Nevada's Nia Sanchez

(Newser) - Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez, a fourth-degree black belt in the Korean martial art of taekwondo, was crowned Miss USA 2014 last night. The 24-year-old from Las Vegas beat out 50 other contestants from all the states and the District of Columbia for the title of 63rd Miss USA. First runner-up... More »

Putin's Latest 'Feat': He's Tougher Than Chuck Norris

Russian prez's taekwondo black belt outranks Walker, Texas Ranger

(Newser) - Somehow, despite all the time he spends shooting whales , catching humongous fish , drunkenly arm wrestling , beating hockey legends on the ice , dressing up like a bird and flying through the skies , and, of course, painting , Vladimir Putin still found time to achieve the highest possible rank in taekwondo. The Russian... More »

Martial Arts Expert Busts Out Underage Lesbian Lover

15-year-old taken from center where she was being 'cured'

(Newser) - A lesbian martial arts expert staged a jailbreak to free her 15-year-old lover from protective custody in Indonesia, according to cops. The girl—who authorities say admitted to having a sexual relationship with her 26-year-old taekwondo teacher—was placed in detention to "cure" her after her parents became suspicious... More »

Latest Undeserved Honor: Black Belt

Obama is now a master of tae kwon do, with 0 years practice

(Newser) - This has gone too far. First President Obama gets the Nobel Peace Prize “without actually producing any peace,” writes Andrew Malcolm. Now the South Korean president has awarded him a black belt in tae kwon do “after zero long years of study. What would Chuck Norris do?”... More »

Korean Tourists Floor Robber With Taekwondo

Would-be baddie thanks cops for saving him from beating

(Newser) - A group of South Korean tourists thwarted a robber yesterday in Rome with some cool Taekwondo moves that left him terrified, ANSA reports. The man assailed the group with a knife and grabbed a handbag, but one of the Koreans decked him before he could escape. By the time police... More »

Olympian Opens Brothel to Fund 2012 Bid

(Newser) - A New Zealand athlete has opened a brothel to finance his Olympic aspirations, the BBC reports. Logan Campbell just wants to stop asking his parents for money—his Beijing efforts cost $150,000, and he hopes to start training again in 2011 with $300,000 from the “gentleman’s... More »

Castro Backs Cuban Athlete Who Kicked Ref

Accuses Matos' opponent of trying to fix fight

(Newser) - An ailing Fidel Castro expressed "total solidarity" today with a Cuban martial artist who kicked an Olympics referee in the face, the AP reports. Castro supported a claim by the taekwondo athlete's coach that the contest was fixed and marred by a bribery attempt. "They had tried to... More »

Cuban May Face Ban for Kicking Ref

Taekwondo association apologizes for kick

(Newser) - Cuban martial artist Angel Matos may be banned from taekwondo for life after deliberately kicking a referee in the face, the AP reports. Matos was winning his bronze-medal match in Beijing when he was disqualified for taking too long a break after a hit. He angrily questioned the call, pushed... More »

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