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30-Pound Carp Beans Racing Kayaker

Flying fish forces racer out of river competition

(Newser) - Kayaker Brad Pennington was among the favorites to win the Missouri River 340 canoe and kayak race before a fish intervened. A 30-pound Asian silver carp jumped out of the water and hit him "like a brick," forcing him to withdraw from the endurance race with a pounding... More »

Crazy Carp Spark Great Lakes Brouhaha

Mich. sues Ill. in latest move to block voracious fish

(Newser) - Michigan sued neighboring Illinois last week, a most un-neighborly move aimed at blocking the invasive Asian carp from the Great Lakes—and re-reversing the flow of the Chicago River. The case is likely to end up in the Supreme Court, notes the Washington Post , and resurrects another from 1922 over... More »

Robot Fish Will Help Battle Pollution

High-tech 'carp' find chemical contaminants in Spanish harbor

(Newser) - Robots will soon be patrolling the harbor of Gijon, Spain, and if all goes well, the local sea life won't notice a thing, reports the Financial Times. The pollution-detecting bots cost $30,000 each and are modeled after carp, complete with shiny scales and an undulating swimming motion. "We... More »

Utah Carps About 6M Bottom-Feeders

State looks for ways to dump unwanted fish

(Newser) - Bottom-feeders get no respect. Utah is trying to get rid of 6 million carp—as fish sticks, compost, fish meal, whatever, the AP reports. The reason? Biologists want to save the endangered June sucker fish in Utah Lake, and to do so, they must remove the carp first. More »

4 Stories