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Pinterest Joins $1B Valuation Club

And how ... its new valuation is actually $1.5B

(Newser) - Facebook may be dominating the headlines this week, but don't forget about the little guys—or the no-longer-quite-so-little ones. Pinterest's valuation has jumped from $200 million to $1.5 billion thanks to a new $100 million round of financing. The Wall Street Journal notes that the news pushes... More »

Twitter Valued at $7B

That's almost twice the figure from 7 months ago

(Newser) - Twitter’s latest private fundraising effort values the firm at up to $7 billion, an insider tells the Wall Street Journal . Just seven months ago, a round of fundraising that brought in $200 million valued the firm at $3.7 billion. Twitter is hoping its ad system, begun last year,... More »

Early Facebook Investors Want Out

A group, including employees, looks to dump shares

(Newser) - In a sign of increasing wariness among Facebook's earliest investors, a group of shareholders is looking to dump $1 billion worth of shares in the social networking company. The sale would value Facebook at more than $70 billion, five sources tell Reuters . The group, which includes Facebook employees, tried... More »

Profit, Schmofit: Twitter Valued at $3.7B

Latest round of fundraising quadruples value

(Newser) - Who says a business needs to make money? Not Twitter; the microblogging service has secured a new round of funding valuing the company at $3.7 billion, it announced yesterday, nearly quadruple what it was valued last year. That valuation comes despite the company’s inability, so far, to actually... More »

British Treasure Find Worth $5.4M

Anglo-Saxon gold unearthed by jobless searcher this summer

(Newser) - An amateur British treasure hunter and the owner of the field where he struck gold are in for a big payday: His find turns out to be a 7th-century Anglo-Saxon cache of the precious metal. The collection is worth about $5.4 million, British Museum tells the AP . The treasure—... More »

$1.5B Yanks MLB's Most Valuable Team

Marlins come bottom in latest ranking of baseball's MVTs

(Newser) - The New York Yankees' $1.5 billion valuation lands them solidly in the top spot in the Forbes ranking of baseball's most valuable teams. The crosstown Mets came second, trailing by almost $600 million. The Yanks, however, were one of only two teams to lose money last season, dropping $3.... More »

Finance Geeks Behind Crisis Hard at Work on a Fix

The inventors of the CDO turn their math minds to better valuations of assets

(Newser) - The finance-desk math wizards who created the securities behind the market meltdown are now betting they can think their way out of the mess, the Wall Street Journal reports, working to design new systems for pricing bad assets fairly so governments can buy them off of banks’ balance sheets. “... More »

Foreclosures Soar on Homes Over $1M

Foreclosures on million-dollar homes way up since last year

(Newser) - The housing crisis, having wreaked havoc on low- and middle-income homeowners, is moving into the mansion set. Foreclosures on $1 million plus homes have almost doubled since last year, MSNBC reports, and more than doubled for homes over $2 million. The reasons are familiar: layoffs in the executive and professional... More »

Facebook's Vision Nets 100 Million Users

'Carefully groomed' site beats 'the chaos that is MySpace,' may mean $

(Newser) - Facebook has just crossed the 100-million-user plateau, and it’s more notable than when MySpace achieved the feat 2 years ago, Stan Schroeder writes on Mashable. First of all, Facebook says it counts only active users, unlike its rival. But more importantly, Facebook has a vision of how to cater... More »

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