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$200K Show Horse Stolen, 'Filleted' for Meat: Fla. Cops

Champion jumper was butchered by someone who knew what they were doing

(Newser) - Just a couple of days after two Florida bodybuilders were arrested for starving their horses, an even more gruesome equine crime has been reported in Manatee County. "Your new horse is missing" was the first piece of bad news Debbie Stephens got on Sunday, per the New York Times ... More »

5 Posh Culinary Vacations to Book This Fall

Learn to appreciate food, wine, and bread in style

(Newser) - There's no better time than autumn or winter, the harvest seasons, for foodies to embark on a luxurious gastronomic adventure. Consider these premier gourmet trips, rounded up by the Wall Street Journal :
  • Wine: Spend 3 days refining your palate as you learn to taste, select, and pair top wines
... More »

Americans Learn to Say 'Mmm, Rabbit'

Furry friends are also perfect food animal for budding DIY farmers

(Newser) - Rabbit as food is a troubling conceit for many Americans—“it’s this weird association with Easter,” a chef says—but the animal is taking off with a small group of budding butchers, urban farmers, and those just enamored of its lean, healthy meat. “This is my... More »

Principal Quits Over Butchered Class Lamb

Shocked parents, Web campaign drive her out

(Newser) - A British headmistress has resigned after shocking parents and kids by sending a student-raised lamb to the butcher. Andrea Chapman quit the Lydd Primary School in Kent for "personal reasons" after an animal rights Internet campaign rallied support in a bid to save woolly Marcus. Despite school community and... More »

Butchers: Sex Symbols of the Food World

A once dying art comes back with a vengeance

(Newser) - Butchering, once a dying art, is coming back thanks to the demand for local meat—and a new generation of butchers, full of machismo, is emerging. “Think about it. What’s sexy? Dangerous is sometimes sexy, and they are generally big guys with knives who are covered in blood,... More »

Cow Cheats Death in NYC Slaughterhouse Breakout

Heifer hotfoots it through New York City streets after bolting from butchers

(Newser) - A 350-pound heifer made a successful run for its life from a New York City slaughterhouse yesterday, the New York Daily News reports. The fugitive was chased by cops—and a butcher—through city streets for an hour before it was cornered and forced into a police horse trailer. City... More »

Wayward Bull Steers Into Supermarket

Where's the beef?

(Newser) - A wayward bull nearly locked horns with employees as it slipped through sliding glass doors and raced up aisles in a supermarket in Ireland, reports the Guardian. The animal, which escaped from a nearly outdoor market, butted a shopping cart that workers used to try to corral him, and chased... More »

Buffalo Restaurant Busted While Butchering Deer

Inspector finds Chinese restaurant's crew chopping up deer carcass

(Newser) - An inspector has shut down a Chinese restaurant after finding its workers butchering a deer on the premises, the Buffalo News reports. Health officials, who arrived at the restaurant after a tip, aren't sure if the animal was hunted or roadkill—or what the China King had planned for the... More »

Where's the Beef? Being Butchered in the Kitchen

To get the best cuts and top quality, more chefs go DIY

(Newser) - Brooklyn eatery Marlow & Sons gets its pork by the pig and beef by the half-ton steer, and it's not alone in its whole-hog approach. A growing number of restaurants are sidestepping industrial meat all together, instead butchering entire carcasses right on the premises. There's some of the old "... More »

Would-Be Butcher Tackles Meaty Issues

Dealing with people as important as wielding cleaver, writer finds

(Newser) - Tom Chiarella had the perfect customer-butcher relationship—the shop near his home gave him good meat and good advice. But he wanted more. He wanted, as he writes in Esquire, to live on the other side of the counter, "to be a guy with answers." So his Indianapolis... More »

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