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2010's Hottest Drinks Chill You Out

Red Bull and coffee drinks give way to kava and valerian root

(Newser) - Drinks that wake you up are so last decade—the beverage trend in 2010 will be to ditch the Red Bull or latte for chill-out drinks with sedative ingredients. Beverages featuring chamomile, rose hips, melatonin, and valerian root claim to boost concentration; other "anti-energy" drinks include kava, an intoxicating... More »

French No Snobs on Virgin Cocktails

Paris' best hotel bars serve up delightful booze-free drinks

(Newser) - Nonalcoholic cocktails need not be exclusive to designated drivers and teenagers. While, er, “researching” Paris’ best hotel bars, Julia Langbein discovered that the virgin cocktail is one thing the French don’t look down upon. In Paris, she writes in Gourmet, “an alcohol-free drink isn’t a consolation... More »

2 Stories