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Internet, Singer Prove There Are No Dumb Questions

We finally know how Owl City got all those hugs from lightning bugs

(Newser) - We can probably just turn off the internet now. BuzzFeed reports the singer behind a ridiculous eight-year-old pop song just answered an equally ridiculous three-week-old Twitter question and is now going viral, spawning ridiculous write-ups like this one. On his 2009 hit "Fireflies," Owl City (aka Adam Young)... More »

Fireflies May Be Succumbing to Light Pollution

Numbers plummeting around the world

(Newser) - From backyards in Tennessee to river banks in Thailand, fireflies are disappearing. And the lights may be going out, said scientists who gathered last week in Thailand, because of human light pollution. Urban sprawl has caused a loss of habitat, AP reports, but it also may be that bright cities... More »

2 Stories