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Google Is Building a Private Wireless Network at HQ

Which makes some wonder what it's up to

(Newser) - Google is creating its own, experimental wireless network for its headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., leaving tech watchers wondering what it's up to. Last week Google asked the FCC for permission to set up an "experimental radio service" within a two-mile radius of its headquarters, using frequencies incompatible... More »

Shame on Showtime for Ditching Gay Shows

Once out-and-proud network is now just an HBO wannabe

(Newser) - Showtime, which has an openly gay president and used to be the home of “the two most sexually explicit gay dramas ever,” has failed its queer audience completely, Aymar Jean Christian writes. Sure, networks in general have backed off gay-centric programming after realizing “they could get a... More »

UK Network: Dropped Calls? Blame iPhone

O2 follows suit after AT&T accuses gadget of data gluttony

(Newser) - Slammed for poor signal and dropped calls, AT&T has blamed its troubles in part on the iPhone’s heavy data usage—and now UK provider O2 is also pointing a finger at the gadget, PC World reports. O2 users have been plagued by similar problems, and “where we... More »

AT&T Resumes Web Sales of iPhones in NYC

Network issues may still be reason for blocking transactions

(Newser) - AT&T has lifted its ban on selling New York City residents iPhones online, but the reason for the shutdown remains unclear. Customer service reps at first said New York was not "ready for the iPhone," then offered nebulous explanations about "increased fraudulent activity" in the area.... More »

iPhones Plod Along on Crowded Network

Heavy-using customers frustrated in busy areas

(Newser) - The iPhone has a slick package and a supercool image--but when it comes to speed, the gadget can be a clunker, the New York Times reports. Customers are fed up with the long waits that stem from heavy traffic on the AT&T network, currently the only one available to... More »

Worldwide Outage Stymies PayPal Customers

(Newser) - Online pay service PayPal was down for about five hours today, the Wall Street Journal reports, potentially derailing millions of transactions. A rep for parent eBay attributed the outage to an “internal network hardware issue,” and couldn’t say how many customers were affected; PayPal has previously said... More »

NBC, CBS At Odds on How to Survive

Zucker trumpets new model; Moonves aims for hit shows

(Newser) - America’s oldest TV broadcasters see very different roads ahead as they navigate today’s world of splintering audiences, Advertising Age reports. NBC is carving a new path, dropping five hours of potential scripted shows a week for a nightly Jay Leno show, and banking on its cable channels. CBS,... More »

Kimmel Rips ABC to Shreds

Slams own network at advertiser presentation

(Newser) - Jimmy Kimmel took the stage yesterday at a network presentation for advertisers, and promptly bit the hands that feed him—ripping into ABC, its advertisers, and even Jay Leno, writes Dave Itzkoff in the New York Times reports. “All of ABC’s late-night comedy talent is assembled here on... More »

ESPN, Discovery Rank as Favorite Cable Channels

(Newser) - US viewers see ESPN and the Discovery Channel as the most indispensable cable networks, Multichannel News reports. A poll by Solutions Research Group asked 1,200 TV viewers which channels they thought of as “must keep.” The results:
  • The top four spots went to the big networks. In
... More »

CBS 'Comfort Food' Wins Over Younger Viewers

Though all networks see viewership dip, Eye boasts much smaller slide

(Newser) - CBS isn’t supposed to jockey for the much-coveted 18-to-49-year-old demographic—it’s supposed to be the network of cop shows starring 50-year-olds. But it’s creaming its rivals during the fall TV season, the New York Times reports, and exec Les Moonves has a theory: “comfort food.”... More »

Denmark's Economy 'Most Networked'

US takes 4th, behind Sweden and Switzerland

(Newser) - Denmark is the most IT-savvy country on Earth, according to the World Economic Forum, which today released its list of the world’s “most networked” countries. The list ranks 127 countries based on their ability to use new information and technologies, the BBC explains. It was Denmark’s second... More »

FCC Ruling to Test Google Power

Techies’ lobbying tactics on wireless auction vex old guard

(Newser) - The FCC will rule tomorrow on whether an upcoming airwaves auction will require its winner to build an open-access network, and the verdict will test Google’s lobbying prowess, the Washington Post reports. Google has been pushing the open network aggressively, to the chagrin of AT&T and Verizon, ... More »

Google Stokes Wireless Competition With $4.6B Bid

Search giant set to buy wireless frequencies

(Newser) - Google is poised to bid $4.6 billion in the upcoming federal auction of wireless frequencies,  to create a national broadband network that could challenge the dominance of companies like AT&T and Comcast. If Google's bid triumphs, the web search giant could expand into selling Internet, telephone and... More »

Mobile Servers Save Energy, Add Capacity

Sun packages extra processing power in steel shipping containers

(Newser) - Sun Microsystems has a solution for the booming demand for network space, and as a bonus, it lowers energy use: packing servers into steel shipping containers that can be parked wherever they're needed. It's called Project Blackbox, and Sun says it reduces power consumption by 20%. The giant 20-foot boxes... More »

Lawsuits Aimed at Swapping Students

Record honchos hit college campuses to make the music stop

(Newser) - The recording industry is bringing out the big guns in its battle to stop illegal music downloads, threatening to sue hundreds of college students each month if they don't stop swapping swiped tunes. The kids need to be taught some download etiquette, says RIAA President Cary Sherman. "Remember... More »

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