Lun Lun

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Meet Atlanta's Baby Giant Panda

One-month-old will be named when he's 100 days

(Newser) - About one month old, a new giant panda cub at Zoo Atlanta is still smaller than a house cat, but he is healthy and growing fast, veterinarians said yesterday after a weekly medical exam. The cub, who will be named when he is 100 days old following Chinese tradition, will... More »

Panda Cub Taken From Mom

Troubling 'behaviors' by newborn and mom Lun Lun

(Newser) - A giant panda newborn has been taken away from its mother and transferred to an incubator at the Atlanta zoo. Officials said the move was based on “some behaviors by the its mother, Lun Lun," but offered no details. All had seemed well earlier for both the cell-phone-sized... More »

2 Stories