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Microsoft Parks a Datacenter in the Scottish Sea

The facility is 40 feet long and is loaded with 12 racks containing 864 servers

(Newser) - Microsoft has just launched something big. Literally. It has placed a datacenter—a facility that houses connected servers—off the Orkney Islands, near the northeastern coast of Scotland, reports Yahoo . A datacenter collects, processes, and stores large amounts of data, and Microsoft’s underwater center will perform the same functions... More »

Is Google Building Floating Data Centers on Coasts?

Reports from San Francisco, Maine suggest so

(Newser) - A pair of secretive barges—one on the West Coast and the other on the East—is fueling speculation that Google is turning its theoretical idea of floating data centers into reality. The company isn't confirming anything, however. One of the mystery structures is being built on a barge... More »

Meltdowns Plague NSA's Giant New Data Center

Fast-tracking blamed for spy center's faulty wiring

(Newser) - For all its data gathering, there's something the National Security Agency seems unable to figure out: Why its gigantic new data center in Utah isn't working. The building meant to be at the center of the agency's spying operation has been plagued by electrical meltdowns that have... More »

Greenpeace Slams Apple's 'Dirty' iCloud

Company disputes Greenpeace's data center figures

(Newser) - Apple is the worst offender among tech giants relying on "dirty energy" like coal to fuel gigantic data centers, according to a scathing Greenpeace report released this week. The report also slammed Amazon and Microsoft for excessive energy use, while praising Facebook, Google, and Yahoo for their efforts to... More »

Facebook Expands ... on Edge of Arctic Circle

Company to open a data center in Lulea, Sweden

(Newser) - Facebook's quest for world domination is taking it to the edge of the Arctic Circle. The company today confirmed that it plans to open a new server farm in Lulea, Sweden—its first outside the US. The city, located just 60 miles south of the Arctic Circle, is a... More »

Google's Juicy Addiction: Cheap Electric

Not-so-green tech giants show insatiable appetite for power

(Newser) - No industrial smokestacks rise from that cute Google logo, but each click of the search button takes an environmental toll, Harper's reports. Google and its competitors are guzzling electricity to power ever-larger server complexes, and a renewable-energy initiative is more about making amends than benevolence. A new taxpayer-subsidized Google center... More »

Cisco Unveils A Much Faster Switch

Capable of transferring 90,000 Netflix movies in 38.4 seconds

(Newser) - Cisco is introducing a network switch today that can handle much greater quantities of data traffic than its current products. Aimed at corporations working with large amounts of Internet and remote data, as well as ISPs, the Nexus 7000 switch would be capable of transferring all 90,000 of Netflix’... More »

Data Centers Ahoy!

SF startup will fill cargo holds with computer networks

(Newser) - This spring will see the debut of a curious new green tech innovation: the floating data center. As an alternative to typical off-site computer backups, a startup plans to build its server networks inside shipping containers stored on cargo ships. International Data Security will open the first at San Francisco’... More »

Mobile Servers Save Energy, Add Capacity

Sun packages extra processing power in steel shipping containers

(Newser) - Sun Microsystems has a solution for the booming demand for network space, and as a bonus, it lowers energy use: packing servers into steel shipping containers that can be parked wherever they're needed. It's called Project Blackbox, and Sun says it reduces power consumption by 20%. The giant 20-foot boxes... More »

9 Stories