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Tinsley Mortimer's High Society Is Hideous

Socialite's CW reality show caters to the lowest common denominator

(Newser) - Tinsley Mortimer is yet another socialite with an awful reality show, but she came by her newfound reality star status by way of “some of the world’s finest institutions of learning.” She did, in fact, “at one point have some breeding,” writes Troy Patterson in... More »

The Pros, Cons of Losing Fox

Sure, you might miss Glee, but will you really miss Family Guy?

(Newser) - Brian Moylan isn’t sure how to feel about the possibility of Fox channels going dark after tonight's midnight deadline with Time Warner: No more mocking of American Idol is a bummer, but life with no more nip/tuck? That’s a bonus for him. He lists the other pros and... More »

Threesome Complaints May Only Help Gossip Girl

Parents Television Council likely to boost racy episode's ratings

(Newser) - The CW might want to write a thank-you note to the Parents Television Council: All of its moaning about tonight’s Gossip Girl threesome is serving as free publicity for the show, which may just help boost its sagging ratings. No ads have been pulled and no affiliates are boycotting,... More »

Gossip Girl Puts Another Nail in Speakeasy's Coffin

A good cocktail is timeless; this trend is not

(Newser) - Not even a month after one mag wished for the speakeasy trend to die, Gossip Girl (yes, a show about high school and college kids, but that’s another topic) is pounding another nail in the cocktail conceit, Derek Brown writes. With one of the show’s characters opening a... More »

Ashlee Moves Into Melrose Place

Actress returns to TV after 4-year hiatus

(Newser) - Melrose Place has a new resident: Ashlee Simpson-Wentz. The Hollywood Reporter names the singer-actress—who got her start on 7th Heaven—as the newest addition to the CW’s Melrose remake, playing a small-town girl who moves to LA with a secret. For original show-watchers, Ashlee’s character, Violet, is... More »

5 Stories