Guitar Hero: World Tour

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Minimum-Price Policies Limit Retailer Discounts

(Newser) - Looking for a last-minute price break on the Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit? Don’t hold your breath. The video game is one of many products retailers can’t discount without losing advertising dollars—or supplies—from the manufacturers, reports the Wall Street Journal. Such minimum-advertised-price policies were deemed... More »

Wii Music Offers Cute Fun and Some Lessons

Don't expect your teen to embrace (outwardly) Nintendo's new offering

(Newser) - You might not rock out with Nintendo’s new Wii Music the way your teen would with Guitar Hero, but that won’t stop the family from having a ball with the game, Katherine Boehret writes in the Wall Street Journal. The game stays true to the Wii tradition of... More »

Top Games for Holiday Play

The titles you want stuffed in your stocking this year

(Newser) - Are you ready to wear out your thumbs this holiday season? Looking at games slated for holiday release, Forbes thinks gamers "crave a lot of morally questionable mayhem."  Here are their top choices:
  • Gears of War 2 (Microsoft): This game promises hordes of aliens to shoot
... More »

Pumpkins Want 20th Anniversary to Be a Smash

Corgan hopes to be seen as more than a 'reunion band'

(Newser) - The re-formed Smashing Pumpkins start their 20th-anniversary tour next month, shrugging off the blasé reception that met their 2006 tour. Frontman Billy Corgan—who admits the group's breakup in 2000 was "a total mistake"—tells Rolling Stone that fans who attend multiple shows in some cities will be... More »

Pumpkins' Single to Debut on Guitar Hero

Bands seeking new ways to market music in tougher market

(Newser) - The Smashing Pumpkins will release their next single, G.L.O.W., as a download for the video game Guitar Hero: World Tour, reports the  ChicagoTribune. Band front man Billy Corgan will also appear within the new version of the popular game, which is due out in a few weeks.... More »

5 Stories