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Classmate Recalls Students Treating Turpin Girl Like Dirt

Taha Muntajibuddin's recollections make for tough reading

(Newser) - David and Louise Turpin essentially can't have anything to do with their children for the next three years following a judge's Wednesday court order. The Desert Sun reports Riverside County Judge Emma Smith has barred the parents from any attempts at communication with their children, including electronically or... More »

Madonna Gets Court Order to Stop 'Outrageous' Auction

Halted (for now): sale of star's worn underwear, hairbrush, letter from Tupac

(Newser) - Most people would consider love letters, hairbrushes, and underwear to be "highly personal items"—and a New York state Supreme Court judge agreed that, in Madonna's case, those items shouldn't be put up for auction, the AP reports. On Tuesday, the pop star received the emergency... More »

Apple to Widow: Get Court Order for Hubby's Password

72-year-old Peggy Bush just wanted to play games on her late husband's iPad

(Newser) - In a move CNET calls "a touch extreme," Apple was contacted by a 72-year-old Canadian widow to get her late husband's password so she could play games on his iPad—and the company refused to hand it over. Peggy Bush's husband, David, died of lung cancer... More »

Teenage Rape Victim Tweets Names of Her Attackers

Savannah Dietrich, 17, broke the rules of juvenile court

(Newser) - An angry teenage rape victim turned to Twitter for what she considered greater justice, and she got it. Savannah Dietrich, 17, shocked her attackers by violating a court order and tweeting their names. “There you go, lock me up,” she tweeted. “I’m not protecting anyone that... More »

Kinkade's Wife to Girlfriend: Keep Your Mouth Shut

Nanette Kinkade files restraining order against Amy Pinto-Walsh

(Newser) - Thomas Kinkade's wife doesn't want his girlfriend dishing dirt on the recently deceased artist. Wife Nanette has filed a restraining order against live-in girlfriend Amy Pinto-Walsh, designed to stop her from saying or doing anything that would cast a negative light on Kinkade, the Los Angeles Times reports.... More »

Occupy LA Files Complaint to Stop Eviction

Protesters use 'Twilight' fans as legal precedent

(Newser) - The battle over a patch of grass outside Los Angeles City Hall is about to involve lawyers. Granted a reprieve from eviction earlier this morning, Occupy LA organizers said today they would file a federal injunction to stop the city from removing protesters. In return, the city threatened to file... More »

Select Americans Get Top-Grade Pot From Feds

14 given medical marijuana as part of 1976 court order

(Newser) - When 72-year-old Elvy Musikka of Oregon wants more marijuana to treat her glaucoma, she tells a US government worker to roll another one, just like the other one. Musikka has been toking on federally supplied high-grade pot for the last 23 years. She's part of a decades-ago court order... More »

Feds Snooping in Our Twitter Account: WikiLeaks

Leakers unseal court order seeking messages, contact info

(Newser) - The US is trying to strong-arm Twitter into forking over WikiLeaks' account details, subpoenaing private messages and contact details alike of Julian Assange and Co., reports the AP. WikiLeaks made the complaint in a statement today, alleging that other US web firms were likewise being ordered to surrender info on... More »

Infection Lands Charlie Sheen's Wife in Intensive Care: Lawyer

Brooke Mueller Sheen has fever after surgery

(Newser) - Charlie Sheen's wife was taken to the intensive-care unit of a Los Angeles-area hospital today with a high fever and an infection following oral surgery, her lawyer said. Brooke Mueller Sheen was running a fever of 105 degrees, Yale Galanter said. "She has an infection as the result of... More »

Brit Court Serves Injunction Via Twitter

Order means days of spoof Twitter accounts may be numbered

(Newser) - Britain's High Court has delivered what's believed to be the first-ever injunction served via Twitter. An anonymous Twitter user who created a spoof account called "Blaney's Blarney" using the photo of lawyer and right-wing blogger Donal Blaney has been sent a message via the site telling him to stop... More »

Judge Orders Minn. Teen to Receive Cancer Treatment

(Newser) - A Minnesota judge ordered today that a teen with cancer must receive an X-ray despite his family’s religious views, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports. “Daniel Hauser is a child in need of protection,” the judge said, citing state law requiring parents to provide “medically necessary care.... More »

Bank of America Must Name Bonus Execs

Court demands firm spills

(Newser) - This doesn’t bode well for AIG: A judge ruled yesterday that Bank of America must identify the Merrill Lynch executives who received $3.6 billion in bonuses ahead of the banks’ merger, reports the Wall Street Journal. New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo sought disclosure as part of his... More »

White House Ordered to Find Missing Emails

Judge issues last-minute bid to archive Iraq letters

(Newser) - As current White House employees pack their bags, a federal judge today ordered the president's executive office to find and properly archive missing e-mails written by senior Bush appointees. At issue are communications that date to the period between 2003 and 2005, specifically documents that relate to the invasion of... More »

Citi Suit Blocks Wells' Wachovia Deal

Court order says bank must only deal with Citigroup, for now

(Newser) - In a victory for Citigroup, a New York Supreme Court judge has halted a deal by Wells Fargo to buy Wachovia until further notice, announced Citi executives. The decision prolongs Wachovia’s earlier agreement to deal only with Citigroup as it battles with Wells Fargo to purchase the sixth-biggest US... More »

Thai Protests Trigger Web Crackdown

After violent protests, state hopes to quash 400 sites that threaten 'national security'

(Newser) - Thai authorities are trying to shutter 400 websites, the Guardian reports, in the wake of anti-government demonstrations in Bangkok that led the prime minister to declare martial law yesterday. The move targeted sites that were said to have “disturbed the peaceful social order and morality of the people, and/or... More »

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