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Melania Pal Whose Firm Raked In Big Bucks Is Cut

Contract nixed for adviser Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, whose firm got $26M for inauguration

(Newser) - A "gratuitous services contract" for an unpaid adviser to Melania Trump has been "severed," the first lady's rep announced, after news emerged that Stephanie Winston Wolkoff's event-planning company had been paid $26 million to help with President Trump's inauguration. Two sources tell the New ... More »

Trump's New WH Counselor: Kellyanne Conway

Former campaign manager 'played a crucial role in my victory': president-elect

(Newser) - Kellyanne Conway was devoted as Donald Trump's campaign manager (so much so she says she's getting death threats as a result), and her loyalty has now been rewarded. The president-elect announced Thursday that Conway will serve as his counselor in the Oval Office, Reuters reports, noting in a... More »

Trump Son-in-Law Might Test Nepotism Law

Trump wants him in the White House, sources say

(Newser) - A federal nepotism law is about to be tested, stretched, and possibly broken by Donald Trump's son-in-law, insiders say. Sources tell the Wall Street Journal that Trump and members of his inner circle are urging Jared Kushner, who is married to Ivanka Trump, to join the administration as a... More »

Hannity on Advising Trump: 'I Never Claimed to Be a Journalist'

Fox News host has been lending thoughts to longtime friend for months: sources (and Hannity)

(Newser) - People are still scratching their heads about what role Roger Ailes might be playing in Donald Trump's campaign, but there's a new player in town: Sean Hannity. Writing for the New York Times , Jim Rutenberg says the Fox News host constantly gives the GOP nominee free PR by... More »

De Blasio's Adviser No. 1: His Wife

NY Times sees 'little precedent' for their close partnership

(Newser) - When it came to tough campaign questions, Bill de Blasio relied on wife Chirlane McCray's counsel—and that relationship is poised to continue while he's mayor of New York City. "We are obviously not like any couple that has been there before," de Blasio tells the... More »

Obama Needs a B-Team

Dissent among insiders could save his presidency

(Newser) - President Obama’s top advisers have had their chance, and Tuesday proves they blew it, writes American Prospect editor Robert Kuttner. The trouble is that “an in-group of experts often becomes an echo chamber, reinforcing their own prejudices and excluding people with different views,” he notes in the... More »

Karl Rove: I Wasn't Bush's Brain

Adviser rejects nickname as political dirty trick

(Newser) - Karl Rove dismisses the notion that he was George W. Bush's "brain" as the oldest political trick in the book. “If you really want to diminish a candidate, depict him as the foil of his handler," he tells Matt Lauer of Today . “I’ve known him... More »

Obama's Best Pal Keeps Him in Line

When Jarrett weighs in, prez listens

(Newser) - When the president has made up his mind, there’s one person who can change it: Valerie Jarrett, who acts as his “intermediary to the outside world,” Robert Draper writes in a hefty New York Times Magazine profile. “There are two people he’s not going to... More »

In Jarrett, Wall St. Finds Direct Line to Obama

Firms salute efforts of White House 'consigliere'

(Newser) - Valerie Jarrett wears many hats in the White House: “If there’s a consigliere, it’s Valerie,” says the head of President Obama’s transition team. Lately, however, the longtime family friend has chiefly been Obama’s ambassador to big business, Bloomberg reports. She “picks the brains”... More »

Obama Campaign Advisers Left Out in the Cold

Members of foreign policy team passed over for more center-right candidates

(Newser) - Prominent advisers to presidential candidates can usually count on having their pick of administration jobs after the campaign. Not so with candidate Obama's foreign policy team, most of whom shaded to the left, the LA Times reports. It stems from the president's decision to give the three top national security... More »

Obama's Crew Abounds With Expats

Experiences abroad make for good policies at home, advisers say

(Newser) - If you’re seeking a job in the Obama administration, you may want to get out more—way out, Newsweek reports. Like the president-elect, many of his advisers have lived in other countries. Top aide Valerie Jarrett was born in Iran and has traveled widely, mixing with Europeans, Arabs, and... More »

Gibbs Will Meet the Press

Obama taps aide as press secretary, names 2 others for communications

(Newser) - Barack Obama today named Robert Gibbs as White House press secretary, the Washington Times reports. Gibbs, 37, worked for 2 years as an Obama spokesman on the campaign trail and was widely expected to take the job. Well-liked by reporters, Gibbs flared up at times on the campaign and is... More »

Obama: Powell Would Advise Me

Role could be formal or informal

(Newser) - Officially or otherwise, Colin Powell would have a place in a Barack Obama White House, the presidential frontrunner said yesterday. The former secretary of state “will be one of my advisers,” Obama told Today. “Whether he wants to take a formal role, whether that's a good fit... More »

Obama Adviser Quits Over Hamas Talk

Mideast expert met with militant group for his job, not campaign

(Newser) - An informal Mideast policy adviser to the Barack Obama campaign has severed ties after critics made an issue of  meetings the adviser had with Hamas, the Times of London reports. The Obama campaign stressed that Robert Malley never had a formal role with them; Malley made it clear that his... More »

Blair Takes $1M Part-Time JPMorgan Job

Ex-PM will advise on global politics, retain Mideast envoy role

(Newser) - Former British PM Tony Blair will advise JPMorgan Chase on global politics, and pick up a check in the neighborhood of $1 million for his part-time trouble. Blair will keep his current job as the Quartet's envoy to the Middle East, reports the Times of London, but it's hardly his... More »

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